Published By: Jayati

Ever dreamt of wandering through a chocolate wonderland? These 5 international chocolate festivals you don't want to miss!

How far would you go to show your love for chocolates? We dare you to prove it!

Chocolate is a universal love – it doesn't matter if you're a kid or all grown up, that sweet, creamy goodness is always a winner! And there's no shortage of options – from classic bars to fancy truffles, and let's not forget about all those yummy toppings like nuts and sprinkles. Now imagine a whole festival dedicated to chocolate! Can you think of anything more heavenly? You've got chocolate makers showing off their best creations, and fellow chocolate lovers everywhere you turn. It's like paradise for chocoholics! 

Once you've been to one of these festivals, trust us, you'll be hooked. You'll find yourself counting down the days until the next one! So, here's the scoop on five amazing international chocolate festivals that any chocolate lover would go crazy for!

The Chocolate Fair in Paris, France 

Parisians really know how to enjoy life, especially when it comes to chocolate. The Salon du Chocolat, also known as 'The Chocolate Fair', is highly anticipated by hundreds of people. At this festival, guests can try out tasty treats from 500 different manufacturers from Belgium, France, Russia, Germany, and Switzerland. But Paris takes it a step further. Alongside chocolate-making classes, they feature a unique attraction – fashion collaborations between designers and chocolatiers. We are talking about a fashion show where most of the dresses are made of chocolate! Do these dresses melt? Well, you'll have to be there to see for yourself!

Grenada Chocolate Festival 

The chocolate festival on the beautiful island of Grenada in the Caribbean isn't just about enjoying gorgeous views – it's a fantastic experience for chocolate lovers. You'll get to dive into the history of chocolate and explore cocoa plantations in the rainforest. Also, you'll get a firsthand look at how chocolate is made from start to finish and savor premium treats from around the globe. And here's the cherry on top – you'll even have the opportunity to craft your very own chocolate bar, have a chat with local chocolatiers and farmers, and truly immerse yourself in the genuine cocoa experience!


Chocol-Late Festival – Brugge, Belgium

Belgian chocolate is famous for a reason—it's just so darn delicious! That's why it's no shocker that one of the coolest chocolate festivals happens right there. Every November, Bruges turns into a chocolate lover's paradise, with all sorts of fun stuff to do. You can check out a chocolate museum, admire chocolate sculptures and art, taste all kinds of samples, and even try your hand at painting with chocolate! It's like stepping into a chocolate fairy tale!

ChocolArt, Tübingen, Germany 

ChocolArt is like the Olympics of chocolate festivals—it's seriously top-tier! Imagine rubbing elbows with master chocolatiers from all over the world, each showing off their chocolate masterpieces. And get this – they're not just any old sculptures; we're talking life-size chocolate cars and jaw-dropping art pieces. Not only do they want to treat your taste buds, but they also want to teach you a thing or two. You can learn all about different chocolate decorating techniques while enjoying artistic performances that keep chocolate as the main star!

Big Chocolate Show, NYC 

The Big Apple always has something exciting going on, and the amazing chocolate show is just one of the fantastic events happening here. Bringing together the world's greatest chocolatiers, the Big Chocolate Show treats attendees to live cooking demonstrations, delicious treats, and thrilling chocolate awards. It's a rendezvous you won't want to miss!

With all these extravagant chocolate festivals around, the spotlight is on you to go above and beyond, sharing your deep love for chocolates with the world!