Everything to know about dermaplaning before trying it out yourself

A perfect solution to get rid of dead skin and the unwanted peach fizz

Have you ever heard of dermaplaning?

You must have heard or seen the word dermaplaning lately. It is a hot topic and secret to wonderful and beautiful-looking skin; beauty gurus and vloggers are raving about it on the internet. Considered Hollywood’s best-kept secret which makes A-listers look like a million bucks. People nowadays, a getting more and more concerned to figure out the safe and effective way to dermaplane. But before diving deep into the fascinating world of dermaplaning, let us find out what is dermaplaning?

What is dermaplaning?

The simplest way to define it would be that it is a process where dead cells and the excess hair (peach fizz) are removed from the face with the help of a specialized blade. It exfoliates the skin as the dead skin cells are removed in the process which makes the skincare products penetrate deeper and work more effectively. It also makes the skin cells produce more collagen that makes skin appear a lot brighter. Dermaplaning is done with the help of a specially designed blade that removes dead skin closer to your skin than your regular razor.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning provides deep exfoliation to your skin better than any scrub of peel-off facials. The presence of the dead skin prevents light from reflecting on your face making your face look dull. Moreover, facial hair can also trap excess oil and dirt because of which most of your skincare products are not able to go through your skin. Dermaplaning also enables serums and lotion to penetrate better in your skin. Also, it preps up your skin for better application of makeup. It is extremely vital here to mention that shaving off your hair does not make it grow thicker and darker. Skin experts stress that the hair grows at the same rate, texture, and width as before.

Steps to remember if you want to try dermaplaning at your home

Remember to clean your skin thoroughly and dry it completely before progressing forward. The drier and cleaner the skin is, the more effective the result would be. Stretch the skin and hold the blade at a forty-five-degree angle and bring it from top to bottom in the direction of the growth. Avoid eyelids, sides of your nose, and hairline. It is okay to feel a burning sensation after dermaplaning, it is advisable to use calamine to soothe the skin.

Would you liketo try dermaplaning?

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