Published By: Sayan Guha

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Thai Massage

One of the reasons Thailand is famous is the exotic body massages. If you are planning to get your Thai massage done, here are some things you need to know!

Is the constant traveling and work leaving you sore? Is carrying that heavy backpack making you tired? Don't worry; you'll find some of the world's finest massage spas in Thailand. One of the finest parts of visiting the Land of Smiles is treating yourself to a traditional Thai massage. They won't break the bank and will put you at ease like nothing else. Read on to know more about it.


Approximately 2,500 years have passed since the inception of this treatment method. It was said to have been developed in India sometime around the birth of the Buddha. The Buddha's personal physician, Shivago Komarpaj, is credited with developing the Thai massage technique. Thai massage arrived in the country at the same time Buddhism did. Thai massage is being utilized today in combination with other forms of alternative medicine.

Health Advantages

Thai massage may or may not have any positive effects. It's common knowledge that Thai massages provide short-term health benefits, but there's nothing in the way of scientific data to support this claim. Having said that, there are some glaring advantages. It's a great feeling, for one thing. Muscle and joint pain are reduced as a result. People who get stiff easily, especially on long flights, will benefit greatly from this massage's emphasis on stretching.

What to Anticipate

Massages have a reputation for being scary. It can be quite difficult to communicate with the staff at many parlors because they don't speak English. In your Thai massage, a therapist will pull, stretch, and rock you during the massage. To do this, they will employ every available appendage, from thumbs to elbows to knees. Your masseuse may walk on you. It's a radical departure from the massage techniques commonly utilized in the West. Thai massages are not kneading massages and can be rather intense. It's worth noting that many people report that Thai massages are uncomfortable, if not painful. The masseuse will often adjust the pressure based on the client's age and body type. If they don't appear to realize the harm they're causing, you may always tell them jep, that means they're hurt.


Where you have your Thai massage will greatly affect the final price. For 200 (about $6), you may have an excellent Thai massage that lasts for one hour. The salon, however, may not be very plush. You can have the same message for more than $15 if you spring for the more costly option, which starts at over 500. Even though it's not required in Thailand, it's customary to tip your masseuse.