Published By: Satavisha

Everything You Need To Know About Chaos Gardening: A TikTok Gardening Trend For The Lazy Gardeners That Yields Stunning Results

Want to grow a low-maintenance garden? Do you have a lot of spare seeds stockpiling somewhere in the corner of your storage room? Well, the viral TikTok trend—chaos gardening—can solve all your problems.

Whether you have a green thumb or are a greenhorn in gardening, you probably already know that the produce is never foolproof. You may sow every seed carefully into the soil, eliminate unwanted weeds, pesky pests, and nurture your green babies every day and still end up with unsatisfactory results. That’s just how nature works. Regardless of how well-informed you may be about gardening, you can never eliminate the chances of imperfect results.

Here’s why the viral TikTok trend—chaos gardening—has gained traction. There are no rules—all you have to do is—allow nature to do its thing.

The results of chaos gardening may resemble natural patches of wildflower or traditional cottage gardens—as everything gets jumbled in a zestful and mixed gardening experiment. Chaos gardening is fun— especially, because it does not require meticulous planning and too much care. To learn more about this trending gardening approach, keep scrolling.

How to begin?

Chaos gardening is hands down one of the most low-maintenance and simplest gardening approaches and can enable you to use your spare seeds in a practical way. Simply gather half-used or old packets of seeds—they can also seeds for grasses, herbs, fruits and veggies— everything you have in store and mix them.

Find a suitable spot.

Find an ideal spot where you can sprinkle all the seeds. Most blooms, herbs and vegetables require full sun—at least six hours of direct natural light every day. But we would still advise you to read what the label on the packets are specifically suggesting, rather than assuming the plants’ needs. You would not want to set your green babies up for failure, right?

Scatter the seeds everywhere.

Chaos gardening can be approached in several different ways—you can either prep up the soil by tilling it using a shovel or remove a few inches from the top with a rake. The choice is yours! Next, scatter the mixed seeds on every bare spot of your planting bed. You may either sprinkle the large seeds first and scatter the small ones later or mix everything and sprinkle. Both approaches work.

Embrace weeds

The most unique aspect of chaos gardening involves embracing weeds, provided you consider them visually appealing and suitable for your patch. Dandelions are one of the most sought-after weeds that many chaos-gardening enthusiasts are growing.

Determine soil quality

The soil quality is a vital determining factor since most seedlings require well-draining, rich soil to sprout and thrive. If your garden has overly rocky soil or is too clayey—add some fresh garden soil before sowing the seeds.

The approach is low maintenance, but not “no maintenance.”

Chaos gardening is certainly a low-maintenance approach to gardening— but you cannot allow nature to completely follow its natural course. Don’t lose control of your produce. For instance, if you are allowing dandelions to grow as a part of your chaos garden, you must remember that they are very resilient and multiply rapidly—so they might occupy your entire garden if you don't keep their growth in check.

Allow nature to follow its course and expect nothing

The most exciting part about this gardening approach is that it focuses on embracing the unknown while allowing nature to do its things—without fretting about perfect results. In fact, this gardening experience will teach you just as much as you learned from carefully planning and nurturing your plants.

You can be hands-off or deeply involved in chaos-gardening, but in any case, the results will blow your mind. There is joy in following no rules—you only have to allow nature to blossom in its own way.