Published By: Ishita Vohra

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Botox

When we hear the word "Botox," the first thing that comes to mind is needles! Is it not? Consequently, does hair botox also imply scalp needles? The answer is definitely no. This method of treatment is in no way comparable to what is done to the skin.

What is Botox for Hair?

Botox for hair is actually a treatment for deep conditioning that coats the hair fibers with a filler like keratin. The treatment makes each strand of hair look fuller and more lustrous by filling in any broken or thin spots.

Botox for hair helps to deep condition hair and eliminate frizz. Consequently, useful during the monsoon season, when frizz, damage, and humidity harm our hair.

How does it function?

The treatment involves filling the hair with a mixture of proteins, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, vitamin B5, collagen compounds, and lipids.

Shampooing your hair to open the cuticles and get it ready for conditioning is the first step in the treatment. The hair Botox is then massaged into the strands from the root to the tips. The treatment is applied to wet hair and left on for half hour to maximum 90 minutes typically, depending on the hair types.

Before drying and straightening your hair with a flat iron, some stylists may opt to rinse the product out. To help the product fully penetrate your hair strands, other stylists may leave the product on while they dry and straighten your hair.

When your hair is dried, the Botox treatment will immediately show results.

There are numerous at-home versions of hair Botox that claim to be the genuine thing, and the trend is currently widespread. It is difficult to determine these products' effectiveness. If you want good results, you should go to a reputable salon and ask a hair stylist there for advice on the treatment. Hair stylists can make sure they get the best products from reputable sellers when they buy them from verified sellers.

The effects of Botox on hair are supposed to last between two to four months, but each person's exact time frame will be different. For best results, use a shampoo with low sulfate levels or no sulfates at all.

Is Botox safe for hair?

Although there is a possibility of skin irritation or an allergic reaction, the product is considered safe for use. The treatment shouldn't come into contact with your skin in order to cut down on the chance of negative side effects.