Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Everything you need to know about Instagram reels algorithm

No matter how brilliant your video is, the all-powerful Instagram algorithm will decide whether it becomes a viral hit or not!

Of course, Instagram Reels are the short-form videos that Instagram launched in 202 as a rival to TikTok. Simple editing tools enable producers to quickly create entertaining Instagram Reels by combining many pictures, adding effects and filters and singing audio clips. If you want your Instagram Reels to stand out, you should be aware that this Instagram feature has its unique algorithm to contend with. So lube up and prepare to enter the ring.

How does Instagram Reels algorithm work?


The Instagram algorithm also considers how you interact with other users, in addition to how you engage with the material. Are you the target of a name-based search and followers? Do you exchange messages or remarks with one another? In your posts, do you tag one another? Instagram is more likely to share your most recent video with another user as soon as it becomes available if they are your best friend or biggest admirer. In light of this, you should expect to be given videos from producers you have never heard of on Reels and Explore. Instagram also takes into account if you have previously interacted with them in any way-lurkers, put your hands in the air high and proud.

The adaptability of the content

Instagram monitors user affinity, which is another way of expressing, “whatchu like”. Instagram attempts to present you with content that is related to a reel or post that you have previously liked or interacted with in some other manner. How does AI discover the topic of a video? Through examination of the pixels, frames and sounds in addition to your Instagram Reels hashtags.


New content is given precedence over Reels from the past in the algorithm. The algorithm gods share the public desire to learn about fresh developments. Keep the new drops coming, please!


Instagram will recognise that you have something exceptional that other people oil also enjoy if you have an engaged following and material that consistently generates shares. Yes, it may seem like a catch-22 because you need to already be popular to become popular, but Instagram's main goal is to spread high-quality material. Therefore, the program will reward you if already have a reputation for creating excellent work.

Here are how the Instagram Reels algorithm functions in 2023 and what you can do to take advantage of the not-so-secret formula.