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Everything You Need To Know About J-Beauty

Lets understand some nuances of J-Beauty that are quite helpful

Several Japanese beauty brands are entering the Indian market and are becoming famous. So we all are wondering, is J-Beauty the new K-Beauty? Well, we all want to follow a proper skincare routine to take care of it but due to our hectic schedules. So let’s take a look at how most Japanese women are able to achieve flawless skin:

What exactly is J Beauty?

Well, J beauty isn’t just the products that have originated in the island nation but is also a mix of all their traditional and modern concepts, routines. With the help of highly researched products, J-beauty aims on prevention rather than cure or treatment. Hence, the ideals of getting flawless skin is ingrained in the followers and that is why it is getting more and more popular.

What is its origin?

Skincare in Japan is mostly linked to the history of Geishas, who as professional entertainers painted white faces. However, it was vital for Geisha’s to look after their skin and to do that, they made use of Japanese dietary ingredients like rice, green tea and camellia oil. Hence, their knowledge is passed down to generations and that is the core of J-beauty products.

What are J Beautys defining factors?

Just like K-Beauty has a lot of bright packaging and fun products, J beauty is the same. However, like the former, it does not involve multiple steps and products but focuses on singular highly effective ones instead. So it is a minimalistic skin care routine and you do not have to layer your face with a host of creams.

How to build a proper Japanese skincare routine

Step 1 – Double cleanse

Like K-beauty, double cleansing is also highly followed in Japanese skin care routines. So first clear your face with an oil-based cleanser, or micellar water, in order to remove your makeup. The second is nothing but a rinse-off cleanser to cleanse off the excess dirt and dust on your face.

Step 2 -Moisturise 

Use a lightweight, non-greasy formula to achieve a healthy-looking glow. If you keep your skin hydrated, it will automatically have a long lasting effect on it.

Step 3 – Use Sunblock

In J beauty, sun protection is taken very seriously. Somake sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF value of 15 or higher each day.

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