Everything You Need to Know About Raising Your First Cat

A new cat needs some caring

Deciding to add a new cat to your house is a big one. One cannot simply adopt a cat, bring it home and expect the cat to settle in with everything. Once you adopt a cart, or a pet, there will be changes in the house. It is a lifetime commitment, at least for the cat you are adopting. Is it a full grown cat you are bringing in? Or is it a new kitty? Did the cat have previous owners or are you the first? A lot of thinking goes when you want to raise your first cat and the things you need to do if to choose to get one.

A shopping list has to be made

If you have a new cat in the house, you will inadvertently need to det up your house for the new cat. Research well of the things needed. Ask other cat parents of all the necessities for cats. Make sure you do the shopping before you get the new cat.

A safe space for the new cat

A room away from the general commotion. If you have other pets, making a safe spot for the new cat is important. You will have to keep the cat safe in a place your other pets cant reach.

Cat proof tricky and dangerous spots

If there are loose wires or pointed objects in the house that your cat might bump into, make sure to cat proof those. Spy out anything that might harm your cat and fix it.

Know your cat’s diet

Choose cat food with ingredients that will be healthy for the cat. Talking to other cat parents or the vet will help you in this matter.

Get a vet check right away

Set up a routine check right after you being your cat home. The vet will be able to tell you everything helpful or if the cat has any diseases and provide medicines.

Provide litter and place to sleep

Cats will know how to use a litter box. You must have to make sure they find it. It’s better to put multiple around the house so your new cat can use it when he is still learning the lay of the land.

Play with your cat

Keeps the cat energetic and stops from getting bored and doing cat like shenanigans.

Set up feeding schedule

Don’t feed your cat everytime it asks for food. Prepare a schedule and stick to it. Overeating can lead to obesity in cats.

Don’t over treat you cat

Treats can be used as a reward for the new cat. Did it use the litter box right? Give a treat. Did it stop scratching your furniture when you asked it to? Give a treat. This encourages training the cat.


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