Published By: Satavisha

Everything You Need to Know Before Hosting An English Tea Party

Tea arrangements should be correct, or you cannot call it an English tea.

From arranging a formal tea party to a leisurely afternoon tea or a high tea with hearty dishes — knowing the correct way of serving and drinking tea is essential. Whether you are hosting an English tea party or attending one as a guest, there are some customs that you must learn before participating. Check out some useful suggestions for hosting an English tea party.

What is Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon tea a.k.a “low tea” — should ideally be arranged at a low table — like a tea table or a coffee in the living room. Afternoon tea calls for a more relaxed setting as opposed to high tea, but it is not casual.

What is High Tea?

High tea should be served at a dining table or a higher table, unlike the customs of low tea. Traditionally, high tea comprised hearty dishes after a busy day at work. You may arrange high tea with delicious small snacks or even include baked potatoes and beans.

What is Cream Tea?

Cream tea involves the occasion of enjoying this beloved beverage with scones or clotted cream during the afternoon.

Choose loose tea.

Even though tea bags are considered acceptable in an English tea party, the most preferable type of tea is loose tea. It has a more pronounced flavor, and the use of loose tea is considered more elegant. You can purchase tea balls from tea shops or even find them in any department store.

Do not lift your pinky.

If you think raising your pinky finger will help you balance the teacup, then you are wrong. It isn’t a custom as well. So quit lifting your pinky finger. 

Eat properly.

Use your hands to enjoy finger sandwiches and forks for the cakes. Avoid big bites. You should ideally take small bites or nibble on the snacks.

Pour milk after the tea.

Always add milk after the host pours the tea into your cup. However, you may add lemon or sugar to the cup before pouring the tea.

Do not stir your tea violently.

For stirring the tea, use a gentle motion and avoid making clicking noises with the spoon by touching the inner side of the teacup. After stirring, do not leave the spoon in the teacup. Place it behind the cup, on the saucer.

Do not dunk your scones or biscuits.

This is considered rude. Hence, do not dunk your scones or biscuits; Instead, break them into small pieces and smear clotted cream before each bite.

Equipped with this knowledge, you are now ready to host or attend your first English tea party!