Everything You Should Know About Applying Press-On Nails

When applied correctly, press-on nails make way for endless styles and experimentation.

If you are fond of getting your nails done from the salon, you are surely aware of the downsides of gel polish and acrylics. They are expensive, time-consuming, and adversely impact the health of your nails. On the contrary, press-on nails are inexpensive, can be applied quickly, and ensure healthier nails. In terms of appearance, press-on nails are just as stylish and cute as gel and acrylics, and you might even fail to set them apart. If you are new to press-ons, learn everything about them before trying.

They are available in different shapes

Press-on nails come in five main shapes — round, square, coffin, stiletto, and oval. Technically, you can trim and file them to give any shape you like. They offer a perfectly professional look with sharp angles, giving your nails the appearance, like they are straight out of the salon. Just like your natural nails, press-on nails can be trimmed and resized — allowing you to customize the shape of your choice.

They promote better nail health

Press-on nails will damage the health of your nails like gel and acrylic nails do. Getting gel or acrylic nails done once in a while is not harmful. However, frequently getting gel and acrylic nails implies you will have a product on your nails almost always. Giving your nails a break is crucial. The frequent or continuous removal and reapplication of nail products can deteriorate the health of your nails. True, press-on nails use an adhesive to stick to the nails, but the glue is milder than the one used in acrylics.

The lasting ability of press-ons

It depends on the quality of the press-on nails you have purchased, but generally, a good application tends to last for nearly two weeks — if properly taken care of. But the best part about them is that press-ons can be worn for very short periods too — remove them whenever you like.

Clean your nails before application

Before applying your press-on nails, remove your polish and properly clean your nails with mild soap and water. A clean base is crucial for your press-ons to stick well. Your nails need to be free of oil, dirt, and other debris, or it might prevent the adhesive from fully sticking the press-on nails to your natural nails. After cleaning, dry your nails properly.

You are now ready to give yourself a cute manicure at home with press-ons!


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