Excellent Sports Films And Shows To Watch On Amazon Prime

The power of sport to thrill, enthrall and entertain is right up here with some sports films and shows to stream on Amazon Prime.

If you take a deep dive into the Amazon Prime Video archives you’ll find hours and hours of riveting sports films to watch. As so often, sports, while the hook to draw the viewer in, isn’t the overriding theme of most of these films. These are movies, documentaries, and series about the human condition – drama, tragedy, politics, and comedy are all here. We’ve put together five sports films and series that the sports enthusiasts will certainly embrace, but we are sure there’s more than something in these shows for everyone.

Race (2016)

Based on the life of Athletics and Olympics legend Jesse Owens who won a record-breaking four gold medals at the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936. ‘Race’ is one of the most impressive sports biopics made in the past decade. In addition to Owen’s sporting achievements, the film also focuses on his battle with racial discrimination and against Hitler’s vision of Aryan Supremacy.

Mr. Calzaghe (2015)

This movie tells the story of Joe Calzaghe, the boxing legend of Wales. Coached by his father, Calzaghe fought his way up the rankings to become a true boxing legend, and along the way forged a remarkable relationship with his father. With appearances from Chris Eubank and Michael J Fox among others, this is a classic behind the scenes fare about one of the toughest sports in which you can participate.

This Is Football (2019)

A must-watch for every football fan. ‘This Is Football’ is a six-part documentary exploring the extraordinary impact of sports on the world. From the streets of Delhi to the pitches of the Champion’s League, this series depicts an incredibly unique story of the game and its power to unite nations, inspire generations and captivate billions.

The Test (2020)

This is another brilliant Amazon Original sports docuseries, and this time it is pivoted around the sports of cricket, which strangely doesn’t get as much attention in documentary storytelling as other sports like wrestling and football. This show follows the Australian men’s cricket team’s path to redemption in the aftermath of the ball-tampering scandal that emerged in March 2018.

Head Above Water (2021)

This excellent docuseries follows the journey of four swimmers at different stages of their lives and careers as they prepare for the Tokyo Olympics. ‘Head Above Water’ offers a peek into the myriad of personal and athletic challenges each of them is undergoing, including their insecurities, fear, hopes, and the unique battles that differentiate their personal lives as well.

In the battle of streaming wars, these films and shows on Amazon Prime will deliver you entertaining, and purposeful content.

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