Excessive tiredness: A sign that you might have any of these health issues

If you feel unexplained tiredness all the time, then it’s high time that you should consult with a doctor.

Feeling tired after doing workout or any physical activity is absolutely normal. Also, lack of sleep, poor diet and several other factors can make you feel tired and sleepy. But if you feel excessively tired without any valid reason, then it’s a clear indication that you might have some serious health issues.

  1. Anemia: Anemia is one of the most common medical conditions that make people excessively tired. While mostly women (especially, pregnant women) suffer from this condition, this can also affect men. This causes a lack of red blood cells in your body and makes you feel tired and breathlessness. Many factors such as iron or vitamin deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney diseases, blood loss etc. can cause Anemia. This makes all your muscles and tissues weak and can lead you to fatigue.
  2. Thyroid disorders: The thyroid hormones regulate your metabolism and helps in many bodily functions. If your thyroid gland becomes underactive, it produces too little hormones. As a result, your body’s metabolism slows down and you start feeling tired.
  3. Diabetes: Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can make people feel overly tired. Your body converts sugar from the foods you eat into insulin which provides your body its required energy. In diabetes, the whole process gets restricted and causes a spike of sugar level in your blood. This makes you weak and leads you to fatigue.
  4. Glandular fever: If you feel excessive tiredness along with some respiratory illnesses, then it might be glandular fever. This is a viral infection that affects mostly teenagers and youth.
  5. Nutrients deficiency: A deficiency in nutrients is another common reason behind excessive tiredness and fatigue. This includes iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin D etc. Maintaining a proper diet or taking supplements can help you overcome this condition.
  6. Obesity: Obesity and tiredness always go hand-in-hand. If you are overweight, the excess fat cells produce cytokines (a type of immune components) that trigger tiredness and sleepiness. As obesity makes your body muscles work harder while doing any work, too much tiredness becomes your all-time companion.
  7. Sleep disorders: This is a serious health condition which most of us often overlook. Among all the other sleep disorders, sleep apnea is the most contagious as it disrupts your breathing when you are sleeping. This restricts the oxygen supply to your brain tissues and finally, makes you too much tired. So, if you feel unexplained tiredness just after waking up in the morning, do consider seeing a doctor.

The list also includes coeliac disease, Restless legs syndrome, poor digestion, heart diseases, stress and depression etc.

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