Exercises To Do When Your Muscles Are Sore

Sore muscles are the worst enemies of gym enthusiasts. Here are some exercises you can do even with muscle cramps.

You’ve decided to take charge of your health and have begun an exercise regimen. So yesterday you killed it in the gymnasium, but today you can hardly move and look like John Wayne as you hobble about town because your muscles are aching. You may be debating whether or not to work out today, but you’ve promised yourself that you’ll meet your fitness objectives, so you won’t skip a session. What gives? Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a normal response to the stress that you exert on your muscles during exercise. This soreness often occurs 24 to 48 hours after you stop working out. What good may come from exercising when one is already sore?

Mild active recovery (exercising when painful) might aid in the stretching out of sore muscles. Whether you’re too painful to exercise or just want to speed up the recuperation process, icing or heating the affected area will help. While it may be tempting to stay put on the sofa, doing nothing but resting will just cause you to tense up even more, so even though it may hurt to move around a little at first, it will ultimately feel better and heal much faster. Here are some simple exercises you may perform if you feel up to it:

Easy Cardio

If your muscles are sore from lack of blood flow, a modest bike ride or stroll will assist. The quicker your blood transfers the oxygen your muscles need to mend, the sooner they can start to work (and the sooner you’ll feel better).

Bodyweight Training

Light workouts (and we do mean light!) can be done if you feel up to it beyond just walking or cycling. If you want to become in shape, forget about lifting weights and focus instead on lunges, the plank, and push-ups. All of these things are wonderful for reviving a sluggish body by improving circulation and facilitating stretching. Use only 25% – 50% of your typical weight if you must use weights.


In order to ease the pain of your aching muscles, roll out your mat and do some yoga poses. The slow, deep breaths and stretches of yoga can help provide fresh blood and oxygen to your muscles, easing any tension or soreness you might be experiencing.


A relaxing swim is a wonderful post-workout activity since it allows you to put your body at rest while still getting some exercise. You may relax and stretch your muscles while the water massages away any tension. Strokes should be varied to ensure that all muscle groups in the body are worked.

Using A Resistance Band For Workouts

Use some elastic resistance bands if you want to get a good stretch. Extending the muscular groups that support your arms and back is a great usage for resistance bands.


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