Exotic Fruits To Eat In Thailand

Give these fruits a try the next time you are in Thailand.

Thailand has a hot tropical climate that is blessed with fertile plains, which makes it an ideal place for gorgeous fruit to grow. You will find all kinds of exotic fruits in Thailand in various shapes and bright colours. What’s more, these fruits are delicious and highly nutritious. Here are some amazing fruits to consume the next time you are in Thailand.


Mangosteen is known as the Queen of Fruits. It is also called “Mang-Kut”. It has a cooling effect, more so than other fruits found in Thailand.The rind of this particular fruit is a leathery purple shell. Inside, you will find seeds and a white texture that is edible.


Rambutan is a small fruit that is red in colour. Once you crack it open, you will find a white and translucent texture. It has a sweet and slightly acidic taste.


Durian is a tropical fruit that most people know about. Even if you have not tried it, you may know of its foul aroma. While it may not be for everyone, this fruit is worth trying at least once in your life. It has a creamy, custard and smooth texture. It reportedly has the ability to increase the body’s temperature.


A jackfruit is almost the same size as a watermelon. It contains many large seeds with a yellow sheath. It is a fruit that has a unique taste and can be very juicy.


Pomelo is a fruit that is as big as the size of a basketball. It is also popularly known as “Som-o”. The rind is thick and leathery. The inside of the fruit can be sweet or bitter. This fruit is best enjoyed with a spicy dip. This could help you better appreciate its flavour.

Rose apple

Rose Apple looks like a small red apple. But its shape is more like a bell. It is also known as Chom-Poo. While it tastes similar to an apple, it is a lot sweeter. You can make a delicious salad with it.

Dragon fruit

In Thailand, Dragon fruit is called “Gao Mung Gorn”. Its appearance is grand and looks like that of a dragon. Hence the name. It grows off a cactus plant. Its flesh is covered with black seeds. The fruit also has a mild sweet taste and is extremely delicious.

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