Expected Challenges for Young Authors

A writer’s journey is plagued with obstacles, but each can be conquered


A career in writing has its perks and pains and even so for the youngsters who are aspiring to become published authors!


Writer’s Block: On days when words would not come to you naturally and your mind is all foggy, concentration scattered and inspiration dwindling, you sure have hit writer’s block. Young authors are swamped by academic pressure. Young writers may face bouts of productivity slump where they cannot concentrate but daydream, procrastinate, drift away and remain stuck in their comfort zone. As youngsters, it is difficult to identify and remedy the situation. Doing physical exercises, talking to a friend and engaging in writing can help.


Competition: The literary world is teeming with budding writers and young prodigies, and, frankly, the competition might prove a bit cumbersome and demotivating. Becoming a published author hardly signals a triumphant ending to the journey, rather it unfurls a series of new challenges—publication and selling of books, staying relevant to readers, receiving great critical acclamations etc. At this juncture, staying focused and trusted yourself can lead you to success.


Deadlines: Writing a book is not merely about filling the pages with words, but ideating its illustrations, responding to interview calls or fan e-mails, assembling discussions and talks, executing fact-checking planning cover designs, drafting marketing schedule and investing in book launches among other tasks. Writers struggle to keep up with deadlines and simultaneously balance the varied responsibilities they are supposed to shoulder. The enormity of a writer’s responsibility can easily bog down the youngsters. Parents, teachers, publishing houses should always come together to extend support.


 Refusals from Publishers: Manuscripts are rejected by publishers who fear they cannot sell or live a short shelf life. Houses tend to underestimate the merit of a manuscript or turn down authors with zero networks or past literary achievements. Authors are discouraged from moving forward with their manuscripts since each refusal is a huge blow to self-confidence. Trying for smaller publishing or magazine houses or signing up with major literary websites for self-publication are simpler remedies. It would save the manuscript from gathering dust in the corner while also giving you the inspiration you need to embark on the next literary venture.


 Hard Negotiation: Bagging reasonable financial packages in exchange for the manuscript could be an ordeal especially if you are a beginner. The nitty-gritty of royalties, copyright etc. could be complex and elusive concepts for young authors. Consulting with experts who are retired or working in the publishing sectors or who have authored works will fetch a good bargain. 

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