Published By: Satavisha

Expert-Approved Hats And Headgears That Can Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

Summers are a nightmare for our skin and hair. While smearing thick layers of sunscreen can keep skin woes at bay, do you think your hair also receives the care it deserves during summers?

Too much exposure to the sun can cause the outer layer of our hair (cuticle) to get dehydrated, brittle, weaken, and split. And if you chemically straighten your hair or color it, you may realize it is more vulnerable during summer. To shield your luscious mane from sun damage, you may opt for a hat. There is a hat type to suit every lifestyle and personal style. Here are some expert-approved hats and headgears that can protect your hair from sun damage.

Floppy hat

The quintessential vacation hat, but do not just wear it when on a holiday - wear it all summer long. Floppy hats feature a big-brimmed outer area that is ideal for protecting your face and hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

The Panama hat

The Panama hat is much like the fedora but with a slightly straighter and wider brim. They are ideal for a sunny day at the beach, and if you want to go for a more casual look, this is the best headgear.

The head wrap

Head wraps or hair scarfs are the coolest headgear one can own for very hot summers. This versatile piece of fabric can be easily worn in numerous ways. If you want, you may leave your tresses loose and tie the wrap around your head or completely cover your hair with it, to protect it from sun damage.

Hair turban

If you are looking for something bohemian, that will also protect your hair from the summer heat, then give this hair turban a try. Add this headgear to your summer closet and bid farewell to your hair woes. The hair turban will not just make you look chic but will keep your luscious mane in place. Get this cool headgear in a bright color and make every head turn.


The classic fedora game is going strong once again. Get the hipster look this summer! This hat can effectively protect your head and hair from the scorching heat of the sun, and it is super fashionable. You may go for a more trendy and colorful patterned fedora or stay loyal to the classic black-rimmed hat.

Small Brimmed Hat

Combine the style and functionality of the classic fedora hat with the floppy hat, and you get the equally stylish small-brimmed hat. This small hat is extremely handy, and you can wear it anywhere. It is a trendy solution to protect your hair from sun damage.

So, which is your go-to summer hat?