Expert Tips: Repurpose Old Items to Decorate your Home

Instead of throwing away every broken piece of decorative item or furniture, we can always repurpose them! Repurposing old, useless and damaged things to decorate your home can help to give it a new feel without having to break the bank.

Here’s a list of ways you can repurpose to decorate your home-

  • Old bottles, vases and even tyres that have been junking up your garage can be turned into beautiful planters that can provide your home with a completely new look. Just give your glass bottle a new coat of paint or wrap a rope around it, there are innumerable ways by which you can repurpose these old items and decorate your home with natural or artificial flowers and plants.
  • Wooden furniture that is old and not usable any longer makes the best repurpose item. The bi-fold doors of your old closet can be used as a headboard while your barn doors can be stripped down and repainted to be used as a rustic dining table.
  • Exchanging items with friends can be a great way to decorate your home without spending a dime! What your friend might consider as trash could turn out to be treasure for you. Old, trashed out items from their house can be tainted, painted and repurposed to suit the décor of your own home.
  • Tired of using the same crockery for years on end? Your dinnerware can get a new lease of life by getting a new coast of ceramic paint. Either just spray a new paint on your crockery or if you’re artistic enough, try out a new motif on them.
  • Your old coffee table no longer matches with your refurbished sofas? How about giving it a completely new hue? Or better still. Buy decorative stencils containing beautiful artwork and get sketching to spruce up the old item and make it new!
  • Visiting used-items sales can be the best way to reignite your imagination and get hold of several new items for your home on a budget. A used rug, for example, can be bought, dry cleaned and used in your backyard or porch.

Repurposing has absolutely no boundaries! Just let your imagination flourish, catch hold of an old item and give it a new look and feel. There cannot be a better way to give your home a new lease of life and that too on a shoestring budget.

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