Expert Tips To Combat Flaky Skin In Winter

Beat the itchy and flaky skin this winter with these helpful tips.

Dry and flaky skin is the biggest concern for most of us. If you are already from the dry skin type, chances are it is a nightmare for you. The itchy and flaky skin during the winters might even cause harm to your skin making it wrinkle and age faster. The flaky skin may even lead to some people experiencing sensitive skin during the winter months. Changing your lifestyle, diet and skincare habits could work the magic. In order to prevent and tackle the flaky winter skin, keeping your skin hydrated is the most important step. Here are a few tips that could help you combat flaky skin in the winters.

Use A Mild Cleanser

It is important to let your skin retain as much oil and water it can during the winter to avoid getting flaky skin. Using a harsh cleanser will deplete your skin of the moisture and the oils already present in it. What you should do instead is use a mild cleanser that cleanses your face thoroughly and also keeps the oils and the moisture in your skin intact. Using a harsh cleanser will also create a tension on your skin that will increase the problem of flakiness. Using a mild cleanser will help you in avoiding that problem.

Avoid Long And Hot Showers

The winter season with its chilly cold winds outside calls for long and hot showers. However, taking long hot showers are extremely bad for your skin, no matter how relaxing they can be. Showering in hot water for a long period of time could take away the moisture that is already present in your skin leaving you with highly dry and flaky skin. Instead, keep the water temperature slightly warm and take quick showers. The longer your shower duration is, the drier will your skin get leading to flaky skin. Avoid long and hit showers to prevent that.

Add Moisturizing Oils To Your Skincare

Using just moisturizers ten times a day during the winter season to avoid flaky skin is not enough. Top off your body and face moisturizers with body and facial oils. Oils have a higher capacity of providing and retaining moisture. The facial and body oils will also create a barrier between your skin and the harsh winter weather keeping your skin healthy and away from flakiness.

Urbee Sarkar

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