Published By: Jayati

Explore 9 ‘bizarre things’ that have been banned around the world – you won't believe no 7!

Before you start stuffing your bag for your next trip, check this out to steer clear of any unexpected bumps in the road!

You know how when you travel, there are certain things you can't bring on airplanes, like liquids and sharp objects, and then there are rules about stealing or breaking traffic laws? Well, get ready for this list! It's filled with some really strange bans from different countries, ranging from sensible to just plain crazy, depending on where you're going! Check it out below for some surprising rules you might not have heard of before!

Time travel in China  

Since 2011, China has slammed the door on time-travel films and shows, fearing they'll mess with history. So, if you were planning on packing your DeLorean for a trip to China, better leave it in the garage! Seems like Marty McFly won't be making any pit stops in Beijing anytime soon!

Samosas in Somalia 

In Somalia, unlike in other parts of the world, samosas were banned due to being perceived as too Western. The justification for this ban was based on the triangular shape of samosas, which was seen as resembling the Christian Holy Trinity.

Chewing gum in Singapore

Almost two decades ago, the Lion City implemented a ban on chewing gum. This decision came after the government observed widespread vandalism, particularly on the public transit system, with gum stuck on train doors. The penalties for violating the ban range from fines to community service to even imprisonment.

Blue jeans in North Korea 

In North Korea, you can't wear blue jeans because they're linked to the United States. But don't fret, black jeans are still permitted.

Baby Walkers in Canada

Planning to bring the kids along on your trip to Canada? Well, you'll need to leave the baby walkers behind. They've been banned in the country since 2004 due to a series of infant injuries in the 90s. The government considers them too risky. Looks like if your little one isn't walking yet, they'll have to pick up the pace if you're visiting Canada soon!

Lip-Syncing in Turkmenistan 

In 2005, the former president of Turkmenistan banned lip-syncing in an effort to preserve what he deemed "true culture." Additionally, he outlawed opera and ballet, dismissing them as unnecessary. Under his order, lip-syncing was prohibited at cultural events, concerts, television broadcasts, and even private gatherings such as weddings.

Beyoncé in Malaysia   

It might surprise you, but Beyoncé is actually banned from visiting Malaysia. So, if you've ever dreamed of catching a Beyoncé concert there, you're out of luck. The religious country felt that Beyoncé's outfits and music videos were too controversial, which led them to ban her from entering altogether.

Goldfish in a Glass Bowl (Rome, Italy) 

In Rome, you're permitted to have goldfish, but keeping them in a glass bowl is prohibited. It's seen as cruel because the bowl restricts their oxygen supply and can lead to blindness. Additionally, the law forbids giving away goldfish or any other animal as a prize.

Curvy Mannequins in Iran 

Since 2009, Iranian shopkeepers have been banned from using mannequins without headscarves or ones that expose body curves. This prohibition is part of a government initiative aimed at countering Western influence. 

When exploring new places, it's vital to respect their culture and surroundings. Responsible travelers adapt to local customs and norms instead of imposing their own beliefs. With thorough research, we can choose our destinations wisely. If we're comfortable with a country's rules, then only we can fully embrace the experience. Just be sure to keep any bans in mind when selecting from this list of destinations. And always remember, every place has its own unique charm and surprises!