Exploring rural Georgia for its surreal experience

From the scenic nature to the ancient structures, it is a must

Located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Georgia, the country is a travellers paradise. Georgia has a lot to offer and affordable country in terms of living, eating, and cheap transportation options. A welcoming culture combined with picturesque mountains, vibrant city life, and delicious food and drink, this country at the same time also has to offer medieval fortresses, monasteries, deep caves, and rocky beaches. This country is a perfect mix of the past and the new, which one can feel as you take a walk through the streets of Georgian villages and towns, soaking in the culture and history. Here is presenting to you a list of places to visit in Georgia.


Georgia’s capital and largest city, Tbilisi, must be on the top of a travellers list. And thanks to its prominent location, being situated at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, its proximity to the lucrative Silk Road adds a beautiful historic charm. Throughout history, Tbilisi has been a point of contention among global powers. Take a walk through the city, and you will be transported back in history through its architecture, a mix of medieval, neoclassical, Beaux-Arts, Art Nouveau, Stalinist, and Modern structures. Right from first-class dining at affordable food options, nightlife, quality accommodation to so many great historical sites to visit, Tbilisi is a must-visit.


A highland townlet in the Svaneti region of the Caucasus Mountains situated at an elevation of 1,500 meters, it is not an easy journey to cover to reach this beautiful place. The town is adorned by stone defensive towers, a type that is seen in Ushguli. A typical Svan fortified dwelling, an adjacent house, and some other household structures encircled by a defensive wall. For those interested in mountaineering, Mestia is a hub for that.

Uplistsikhe Ancient Cave City

These cave dwellings of Uplistisikhe are an ancient rock-hewn town. According to archaeologists, Uplistsikhe is one of the oldest urban settlements in Georgia. This town comprises structures dating from the Early Iron Age to the Late Middle Ages.

Other places that are a must-visit in Georgia are Ushguli, Batumi, Kazbegi, Kakheti, Kutaisi, Lake Ritsa, Ananuri, Vardzia, Chiatura, Batumi, Mtskheta, Katskhi Pillar, Ushguli, and other villages in Svaneti, Omalo, and other villages in Tusheti, Sighnagi, ShatiliKhevsureti, Kazbegi, The Canyons Of Martvili, and Bakhmaro to name a few.

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