Exploring the fascinating world of Japanese Anime movies!

Anime is the most fascinating genre to watch. Read on to know about the world of stunning visuals, fascinating storytelling that took the world by storm.

Anime, a short form for animation, is generally referred to as a style of animation that originated in Japan. People typically associate Anime with kids’ cartoons such as Pokémon, Doraemon or Dragon Ball Z. Surely these shows are Anime, but then you just have scratched the surface of Animes. There is much more to be discovered in the fascinating world of Japanese Anime.

What makes Japanese Anime better than their western counterparts?

As Japanese Anime became popular with the western audience, the comparison between the western style of animation versus Japanese animation started too. So how are these two different? The most important difference is the treatment of the stories. Western animations are often targeted towards children and thus have much simpler storyline whereas Japanese Anime deals with much more complex storylines, deeper themes and is targeted towards a mature audience.

Miyasaki, the wizard of Anime

So, who is the real magician? The animator who should be credited for the rise of Japanese Anime in the west is Hayao Miyazaki. He along with Isao Takahata created GHIBLI STUDIO, DISNEY Studio’s equivalent. His masterpiece Spirited Away won an Oscar award in 2002 which is to this day the only non-English language animation to get the honour.

Now that we have talked about Anime, let’s have a look at some of the best Anime movies of all times.

  • Spirited Away: It’s a classic tale of adventure of a girl named Chihiro. The movie is a perfect mix of ancient Japanese legends, myths and modern sensibility.
  • The Tale of Princess Kaguya: Another gem from Ghibli Studio, this Anime is based on a Japanese folktale. The story of a woodcutter who finds a mysterious girl in the forest and later raises her like a princess is a true work of art.
  • Wolf Children: Yet another masterpiece by Mamoru Hosada about a single mother who raises her half-wolf and half-human children despite all odds.
  • Five Centimeters Per Second: This romantic Anime by Makato Shinkai is a work of art in motion and worth a watch. The story is realistic, and you will find yourself empathizing with the characters.

It’s just the tip of an iceberg as there is so much more to be discovered in this fantastic world of Japanese Anime. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, cola and go all out for an Anime marathon; trust me you won’t be disappointed!

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