Exquisite and unbelievable submerged forests around the world

Though it sounds utopian but sunken forests are a reality, their beauty is so sublime that it literally takes your breath away. Read on to know more.

How are sunken forests created?

Sunken forests are nature’s wonder that can be found all across the globe. There are several ways a sunken forest could be created. Sometimes it takes hundreds and thousands of years for nature to carve these underwater masterpieces and sometimes it just takes a landslide to redesign. Even humans are able to create these sunken forests when reservoirs and dams are built. The uniquely sublime beauty of a submerged forest is alluring. We can only grasp in wonder the way nature works magnificently. Here are some of the exquisite and unbelievable submerged forests across the globe.

Lake Bezid, Romania, where you will find not only sunken forests but an entire sunken village

Lake Bezid in Romania is a hauntingly beautiful underground forest that was formed due to the flooding of the town caused by the dam in the year 1988. The whole town became a water graveyard with the sinking of over a hundred houses. The trees are the only remanent that rises above the lake’s surface and is a perfect accompaniment to a sunken church that peeps along with it from the river.

Witness as you travel back to an ice age with the Underwater Forest in Alabama, US

Off the coast of Alabama, US lies a stunning ancient underwater forest that is believed to be 60,000 years old. We might not even have uncovered its existence if not for Hurricane Ivan. Researchers were pleasantly surprised to find a submerged forest with a thriving aquatic life. It is believed that the sea levels were significantly low at that time but rising water eventually submerged the whole forest, hiding it from plain sight. Interestingly, many of the trees are still firmly rooted and are providing magnificent habitats for various sea animals such as crab, shrimp, and several types of fish. It has also been proven informative as it passes on information regarding history, biodiversity, and even climate change.

Lake Periyar, India, where dead tree stumps are remnants of once lush green forest.

The lake was formed in the year 1895 with the building of Mullaperiyar Dam. It causes heavy flooding in the surrounding region and even a lush forest. Snags and stumps of the dead forest rise hauntingly from the lake’s surface making the sight hauntingly picturesque.

So, have you ever seen a sunken forest?

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