f Jamaica is on your following travel list, here is your guide

Go for its golden beaches, lush greens and crystal clear water

An island country located in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is the third-most populous Anglophone country in the Americas and the fourth-most populous country in the Caribbean. Kingston is the country’s capital and largest city. As for the majority of its ancestry, they are of Sub-Saharan African. But most popularly, it is known for being the ‘birthplace of Regge music’. In entirety, it is the mix of its musical culture, golden beaches, crystal clear blue water, and lush natural green beauty is abundant. However, this beautiful island is much more to its name. So for that next travel plan, ditch the conventional foreign locations and book your tickets for Jamaica. We got you sorted for the places to visit. Have a look.

Negril Beach and the Cliffs

The grey-coloured famous rock Negril cliff in the background, with the shinning crystal-like blue water – Negril Beach – upfront, the scene is right out of a movie. Also known as Seven Mile Beach, these dreamy stretches of white sand and the aqua sea are Jamaica’s most beautiful. Adding the green natural element are the coconut palms surrounding the beach and cliff. So while one can sit, sip on their drink and admire nature, people with adrenal rush can try their hand at snorkelling, fish swimming, and much more. One can also go south of the beach where the Negril Cliffs rise above the coral-fringed coast, giving you a perfect sunset view. And if you are at it, take a jump from the cliffs.

Rose Hall Great House

It is a Jamaican Georgian plantation house that is now a historic house museum. It is said to be country’s one of the most visually impressive plantation great houses. Situated in Montego Bay, the house comes with a panoramic view of the coast. So if you have time, book a tour to soak in the picture. The museum has the slave history of the estate and the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall on display. If you had to say yes, it has a haunted history which is also an excellent tour. The mansion’s architecture is in the Jamaican Georgian style that has a stone base and a plastered upper storey.

A few other Jamaican places to visit are Falmouth, one of the well-preserved Georgian towns and a popular cruise port, a mountain town Mandeville to learn about coffee cultivation, Port Antonio, Reach Falls, and rafting at the Martha Brae River.

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