Fact-Fiction? 7 Myths of Heart Disease

7 fact-checkers about cardiac ailments that set it aside from the numerous myths hovering through ancient times.

Once the term 'heart disease' rings in your ears, and are likely to be all alert. With the slightest signs of the ailment, you begin to reach out for any piece of information that you have gathered about the disease. However, not every rumour is true! With time, millions of notions have developed, which gets you confused between what to heed and what to dodge. Here are 7 myths about cardiac ailments that will surely give you a good laugh and put you at ease.

Myth 1- Heart Disease Affects Men Only-

The popular notion that heart attacks affect men only is a myth. Women are equally harmed by it, and the statistics show that one out of three women are open to risks involving the cardiac arrest and should have checks done regularly.

Myth 2- System Checkups Set You at Ease-

Of people who are affected by heart illness, 70% shows no signs earlier. Heart ailments have several different forms, and sometimes it strikes you out of the blue without any notice period to observe the symptoms. Even if you go for regular checks and you face an unusual ache, make sure get yourself examined immediately.

Myth 3- It Only Concerns Older People-

It's true the older you get, the perils of cardiac arrest keeps building, but several factors contribute to the menace. There is no particular age for entering into heart malady, and many kids are born with it. Exercising unhealthy lifestyles like overeating, staying up all night, and indulging into heavy medication can increase your odds to the condition.

Myth 4- If You Are Fit, You Are Safe-

People who stay active and maintain healthy nourishment have low chances of heart attack, but it is not absolute. There are several other circumstances like family history, staying on guard, going through regular health checkups that will depreciate your health hazard for the ailment.

Myth 5- If Heart Disease Runs In the Family, There Is No Escape-

It's a myth that if heart ailments run in your family, there is no diversion. By taking the right actions, you can prevent being engulfed by the attack. Maintaining your body weight, consuming a balanced diet and controlling stress, we can keep any unforeseen ailment at bay.

Myth 6- High Blood Sugar Causes Heart Attack-

People often associate high blood sugar with a heart attack. But that is not inevitably so. Even though the silent killer- blood sugar causes many other organs to malfunction, it is absurd for it to stimulate your heart directly.

Myth 7- Cholesterol Does Not Hit You until Middle Age-

The biggest illusion you could live in is, cholesterol can affect you only when you hit 40. From your early 20's depending on your diet, you must have routine health checkups to find signs of heart blockage.