Facts About Author Charlotte Brontë

Here is what you may not know about the Jane Eyre author.

Trailblazing author Charlotte Brontë is best known for her book Jane Eyre. She was born in England on April 21, 1816.  During her lifetime, Brontë wrote novels and poems that remain popular 200 years later. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about the beloved author.

Charlotte Brontë started writing poetry and stories very young

Bronte was a voracious reader during her childhood and teen years. She would write many stories and would often stage plays with her sisters at home. She would write manuscripts, plays, and stories with her brother Branwell. Literature and magazines of the time were reportedly big sources of inspiration for her. They would even create magazines that included essays, letters, poems, ads and notes from the editor just for fun.

Charlotte Brontë faced a lot of literary rejection

It may be hard to believe given the success of her work, but Brontë was no stranger to literary rejection. Brontë was only 20 when she sent English poet laureate Robert Southey some of her best poems. In 1837, he responded by telling her to give up writing even though she had talent with words. Her first novel, The Professor was rejected nine times. It was published after her death.  However, Jane Eyre was an instant success. Although it did come with its share of criticism at the time.

Charlotte Brontë worked as a teacher and governess

Brontë found work as a teacher and governess on and off in her late teens and early twenties. However, she did not like it. She reportedly found teaching at a schoolhouse was too many long hours and was not a big fan of working as a governess in a family home. However, all was not lost. Even though it was clear she was not a good match for these jobs, she used those work experiences for her book Jane Eyre.

Charlotte Brontë fans visit her home in England

Charlotte and her sisters all wrote some classic works of literature. Her sister Emily and Anne Brontë wrote Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey, respectively. Many fans of the Brontë sisters travel from all over to visit their home in England, which is in Haworth, West Yorkshire. The Brontë Society’s Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth has an amazing collection of early manuscripts and letters. Fans can also check out the Yorkshire moors that are famously depicted in their work.

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