Facts About Dhanushkodi: The Last Road Of India

The town of Dhanuskodi is slowly coming alive after more than 50 years of the tragic incident that left the place in ruins.

Dhanushkodi has started to appear on the radar of intrepid travelers searching for an offbeat destination. Here are some interesting facts about the town and its unique road that you must know.

Town of Dhanuskodi

Dhanushkodi is located on the south-eastern end of Pamban Island (Rameshwaram Island) in Tamil Nadu. In this town, the wonders of nature and man become one. Dhanushkodi is shrouded in mystery and is a place that is hard to reach. For reaching this town one has to cross over to Pamban Island from the mainland. The best way to do this is by train, through the eminent Pamban Bridge. The journey to Dhanuskodi begins through several fishing villages, accompanied by stunning views of the Palk Strait on both sides, stretching between India and Sri Lanka.

Cyclone of 1964

A massive cyclone occurred in December 1964 and destroyed the bustling town, and what remains now is a sandy shoreline with ruins dating back to those days. Tragically the cyclone took away the lives of 1,800 people and drowned a train with 100 passengers into the sea. Soon after this, the Madras government labeled the town as unfit for human habitation. However, the island is now inhabited by nearly 500 fishermen who stay in Dhanushkodi for the sake of their livelihood in about 50 hutments spread across the entire town. The tragic past and remote location of Dhanushkodi lends an eerie vibe and is thus, referred to as the ‘ghost town’.

The story of Ram Setu

If myths are to be believed, Dhanushkodi was the spot where Lord Rama and his army built the Ram Setu to enter the Lanka city of Ravana. The bridge is also known as Adam’s bridge, linking Rameshwaram Island in India to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. In the present time, a beautiful stretch of sandy shore can be seen between Dhanushkodi and Sri Lanka. A recent image released by NASA has confirmed the existence of the land formation which is certainly man-made. As per the epic, Lord Rama had destroyed the bridge with arrows from his bow, after rescuing his wife from Lanka. Thus, the name of the town became ‘Dhanushkodi’, meaning ‘end of bow’.

Last road of India

Dhanushkodi is perceived as the last land of India, and there exists such a road, which is believed to be the last road of India. From this road of Dhanushkodi, Sri Lanka is only 31 kilometers away and is clearly visible.

Shortest place in the world

Dhanushkodi is the only terrestrial border between India and Sri Lanka that exists on sand dunes in the Palk Strait. The terrestrial border stretches for about 50 yards in length and for this reason, it is considered to be one of the shortest places in the world.

So, when are you planning to visit Dhanushkodi?

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