Facts About French Car Maker Citroen

Citroen recently entered India, but Indians know not much about the brand. Therefore, here is a list of facts about the French carmaker Citroen

A few months ago, Citroen made its official debut in India with a compact SUV named C5 Aircross. Priced at INR 30 lakh, a single, 2.0-litre diesel engine, which is tuned to produce a peak power of 174hp and a maximum torque figure of 400Nm powers the new car in India. Although the car has gained appreciation from the Indian automobile industry and those individuals who are interested in cars, not much is known by the ordinary Indian masses about the French car manufacturer. Therefore, in this clickbait, we have listed some facts about the company. 

Founder Andre Citroen established Citroen in the year 1919. The headquarters of the company is in Poissy but its old headquarter was in Saint-Quen-Sur-Seine. At present, the CEO of the French company is Vincent Cobee.

Apart from producing luxury cars, Citroen is known for its insurance services. It has an array of clients. 

While Citroen was formed in 1919, the first mass-produced car by Citroen was the Traction Avant. The Traction Avant was a hit in the automobile world and therefore, it had several iterations, such as the Avant Legere and 1956 Avant. Not to forget, in the initial years, Citroen produced cars such as A 8CV Torpedo, B Torpedo, and C 5CV.

Citroen is a famous car brand which sells cars in almost every country. However, for reasons unknown, Citroen’s cars are not available in Canada, Mexico, North Korea and the United States of America. 

When an assassination attempt was done on French President Charles De Gaulle, the President was riding in a Citroen DS. During the assassination attempt; the front left tyre and back right tyre were blown out. 

The Citroen B2s car was legendary because it was the first Citroen car ever to cross the Sahara Desert in 1923. 

DS from Citroen was another car that attained legendary status. In 1959 and 1966, it won the Monte Carlo rally. That is not all as the car also came third in the Car of the Century competition in 1999. Not to forget, it also featured in films such as Back to the Future II, Gattaca and Scarface. 

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