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Facts About Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is one of the biggest motoring festivals on the planet and therefore, every automobile enthusiast must know a thing or two about the festival

Around the planet, several motoring festivals are organised every year. However, none of them is close enough to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which has been organised since 1993. The festival is on the bucket list of almost every hardcore automobile enthusiast. Therefore, for those enthusiasts, we have listed some facts about the world-famous festival.

Founder, schedule, how to reach?

In 1993, Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, the Earl of March, founded the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Also, the president of the British Automobile Racing Club, Lord March, is known for his love for automobiles.
At the Goodwood House in England’s West Sussex, the festival is held every year in June or July. In its inaugural season, the festival clashed with the schedule of 24 Hours of Le Mans. Yet, it gathered 25,000 people.
To reach the festival, one needs to reach London and take a two-hour drive to Chichester. One can purchase a ticket costing anywhere between 200-300 dollars from the Goodwood website.

Rescheduled after the first year

An admirer of motorsports, after the date clash incident of 1993, Lord March rescheduled the festival dates. Since then, the festival has never clashed with the Le Mans, F1 or other motorsport events.

Goodwood hill climb course

At the festival, new and vintage vehicles are showcased, along with stunt shows and display of vehicle parts. However, the most famous part of the festival is the Goodwood hill climb course.
The hill climb course is a one-way timed run that is 1.9 kilometres long with nine turns and 300-feet ascend. Romain Dumas holds the record of climbing the course in 39.9 seconds in an electric Volkswagen I.D. R Prototype.

No more F1 cars

Earlier, Formula One cars could take part in the timed-run event. However, because of safety reasons, F1 cars have stopped taking part in the race. Not to forget, motorcycles are also barred from racing. Although cars from other motorsports are still allowed.

Artwork and special plane show

From 1993 until 2015, the Goodwood Festival of Speed’s artwork was solely done by an artist named Peter Hearsey. His art was legendary that became an important part of the festival. Last but not the least, apart from cars and motorcycles, a special air show is demonstrated by British fighter planes.

Rohit Chatterjee

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Rohit Chatterjee is a bona fide moto-enthusiast who has worked with several media houses in his brief career. Chatterjee mostly writes features and news articles related to automobiles and motorsports. When not working, he is found on the interstate clocking over 100kmph on his NS200!
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