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Facts about Japanese culture you must know.

Despite the food, scenic beauty, and other associated factors, Japanese culture is also fascinating.

Japan is one of the finest countries to live in. The country possesses a rich cultural background. So, if you are planning o visit Japan, you must know some important Japanesecultures, that make them unique from others. Go through this article to know more.

You will find Shinto Shrines in most of the places in Japan:

In Japan, Shinto is a native belief system.It is focused on nature andthe gods. The Shinto shrines can be observed in various surprising places, like inside trees, small lanes, under mountains, and so on.Visiting a shrine is called“Omairi”. It is considered an essential segment of everyday life. You will see people stopping in front of their local shrine for praying.

People used to clap at shrines while praying:

This is one of thefascinating facts regardingJapanese culture. People bow at first to offer some small change, thentwice they bow deeply and ring the bell. This signifies that informing the Gods about their presence. The next ritual is clapping twice and praying.At last, they thank the gods in mind, again bow deeply, and leave. Japanese follow Shrine etiquette very strictly.

Bowing down to someone is extremely important according to Japanese culture:

This is one of the important traditions of Japanese culture. This bowing is known as“Ojigi”. They bow down to everybody. The number of times of bow to a particular personrepresents the amount of respect you have for that person. You will be surprised to know that friends also bow to each other.

Originally Japanese were vegetarian for nearly 1,400 Years:

This is really an astonishing fact about Japanese culture. Buddhists in Japan passed a law for not eating non-vegetarian foods in the 7th century. Until the 19th century, this tradition went on.However, the Meiji emperor broke the tradition and ate meat. After that, non-vegetarian foods became popular in Japan.

You should not wear shoes inside the room in Japan:

Japanese always keep separate shoes for different areas. They prefer to take off shoes before entering a house, or hotel. They follow this to keep the dirt and dust outside the living space. In a Japanese house, they always usea tatami mat and it is tough to get rid of dirt from this mat. They keep slippers at the entrancefor wearing in indoor areas. If you are visiting Japan, you should always keep your shoes outside someone’s entrance before entering. They follow this very strictly and wearing outdoor shoes in the living space is considered impolite behavior by guests.

Manga is very famous in Japan:

Japanese are fond of comics. It became popular after the 1950s. one such famous comic is Manga. Every Japanese love to read Manga. You will see people reading those comics on the roads also. They will stop in from of book stores to gaze at the shelves for new Manga editions.

You should be aware of these important cultural facts about Japan before visiting the country.