Facts about the famous bridge of Alabama

There are some places in the world which are famous for their beauty, culture, tourism and weather. Then there are some places which are famous for the mysterious tales and ancient stories associated with the. The famous bridge of Alabama is one such place which is known for the mystic magic and it is surrounded by rumours.

Known as hells gate bridge it is located on the Boiling Springs Road in Oxford, it bridges the banks of the Choccolocco Creek or at least it did once. Built in the year 1894, it has in recent years become a centre of strange activities. Residents of this area have reported seeing some really creepy things in the nights. According to the accounts of eye witnesses, they have seen shadows of a man and women, who are often, found strolling in the middle of the bridge on full moons.

Scary and creepy rumours

Do you already feel that this story is creepy? What will make you more freaked out in your bed is the story surrounding this couple. Popular story has it, that in the year 1950, a couple named Timothy and Michelle, who used to live in Oxford county area were fond of driving at night. One night they were driving over the bridge to their friend’s house in Montgomery when somehow they drove their car of the bridge and drowned. Three weeks later police discovered their body.  What was more shocking, was the soon after this incident, number of some really weird, and creepy legends began to surface, about this bridge among the locals. One legend is, that if you drive your car out at night, to the middle of the bridge and turn of your lights, the couple would magically appear in your car, and would make strange sounds.

Another story

If you think the above story was a freaky one, then this legend would surely send, shivers down your spine. According to this legend, which is how this bridge got its name, is the belief that if, you drive over the bridge and look over your shoulder half way through, the scenery behind you, turns into a portal to hell engulfed in flames.  Actually no one knows whether these legends are true or not, but one thing is sure that these stories are popular among the residents of Oxford, so much so, that in the year 1990, this bridge was permanently closed for the public. But among the believers of the ghosts and paranormal, this bridge is still haunted, and the shadows of Timothy and Michelle can be seen strolling on the full moons.

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