Facts about Vatican City.

Facts about Vatican City

The official residence of the Pope and central home of the Catholics is Vatican City. It is one of the most impressive and famous destinations in this world. Let us learn some interesting facts about the Vatican.

It is the world’s smallest country- 

With 44 hectares area and 825 people living, the Vatican is the smallest independent city in this world. Vatican City was a part of Italy until 1929 when a treaty between the Kingdom of Italy and the Holy See was signed that declared it as a sovereign state. The Vatican City is governed by the monarchs, with the Pope at its head. It is also known as a country within a city because it shares a 2-mile border with an Italian city, Rome.

The Vatican attracts more tourists than anywhere else in the world, and hence, tourism isone of the sources of building the country’s economy.

Swiss guards are for the protection of the Pope-

The city becomes strict when it comes to the security of the pontiff. The Swiss Guards must be 5 Ft 8 inches tall, unmarried, and their age must be between 19 and 30 years. The men of the Swiss Guard are highly skilled and trained. They wear Renaissance-era uniforms.

The Museums go on for miles-

Vatican City has the world’s finest collection of art. The museums in this country go on for 9 miles long with endless art collection starting from religious arts by Pablo Picasso to ancient Egyptian mummies. Founded in the 16th century, the Vatican museums are the treasure home of art. It almost takes three years to cover the entire museum intricately.

Latin is not a dead language in this country- 

This language is commonly known as a buried language in many countries, but Vatican City still speaks it. The official language of the Catholic Church is Latin, and even it is a common language among the citizens of the country. Hence, all the ATMs operated by the Vatican Bank offer the option of being served in Latin. Keep a dictionary handy here that translates Latin to English.

St. Peter’s Basilica was build over a century- 

The construction of the Church began in the year 1506 and completed on 18th November 1626. St. Peter’s Basilica covers an area of about 21,095 sq meters and 137 meters in height. On climbing the top of the dome, visitors are amazed by an excellent view of the Vatican City and St. Peter’s Square.

The Vatican City is the only country listed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and hence is a must-visit place for art lovers.

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