Facts you should know about Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray has brought Indian cinema to world recognition with a famous film called Pather Panchali. A Bengali motion picture director, illustrator has set this movie in its two sequels.

Satyajit Ray worked in advertising: The renowned filmmaker worked at a British-run advertising agency as a junior visualizer. Also the D.J. Keymer company has employed Satyajit Ray from 1943 until the success of first film, Pather Panchali which enabled him to become a professional filmmaker in the year of 1956. He was a very dedicated candidate as his work resulted in many innovative advertising campaigns that clearly describes his love for graphic design and typography.

Seeing “Bicycle Thieves” was the ultimate turning point: Starting from a trip to London in 1950, Satyajit Ray watched about 100 movies. It was when he was thinking of making Pather Panchali and also pitched a realistic way of making a film to many of his friends. The proposed methodology of Satyajit Ray includes fresh, new faces in the film without makeup and shooting on exact location. He has always been discouraged by the response, as these methods were quite unheard of.

Satyajit Ray started a movie club: Ray founded Calcutta’s first film club in the year of independence i.e in 1947 before he became a successful filmmaker. The first film was screened and named Battleship Potemkin. Satyajit Ray also wrote multiple articles based on cinema for newspapers like The Statesman and after that started to develop screenplays. Whenever someone used to announce a film based on story/novel, Ray would script his own version and then compare it with actual film.

Satyajit Ray was regular at the National Awards: The supremely talented Satyajit Ray went on entgrall audiences with his films and also won six National Awards for being Best Director. This would always remain an unmatched achievement in Indian Cinema. Ray won these awards for Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne, Chiriyakhana, Sonar Kella, Pratidwandi and Agantuk. It is quite delightful for people to know that Satyajit Ray won the National Award for Best Music Director twice for Hirak Rajar Deshe and Ashanti Sankt.

All-In Bet- Pather Panchali: Everything about this movie was a leap of faith for Satyajit Ray and also the entire team was involved. There was a lack of financial support starting from cast to shooting location, Satyajit Ray sold his life insurance and one more sacrifice was done by his wife when she pawned her jewellery to cover costs.

Did you know about Satyajit Ray? To know more just go through the entire story described above which would tell you about the struggle he conquered and became a renowned filmmaker of Indian Cinema.

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