Famous Bridges To Visit During Your Trip To Thailand

Bridges with their symmetrical and spectacular structures are often the perfect backdrop that makes your photos look stunning and unique. Unknown to many, Thailand has several beautiful bridges of its own that travelers can visit.

Thailand is perceived as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and the country often bridges the gulf between Westerners and the rest of Southeast Asia. In addition to uniting these differing and unique cultures, Thailand is home to several remarkable structures, bringing everything from countries to BTS Skytrain Stations together as one. Here are some famous bridges in Thailand that you should visit.

Bridge over the River Kwai

If you’re wondering where to visit while you are in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province, locals will certainly suggest you this landmark: The River Kwai Bridge. This is a railway bridge that spans 300m across the Kwai River. At first glance, this bridge looks like your average, overcrowded attraction. Delve a bit deeper into this bridge’s past, however, and find that it is rich with history, as morbid as it may be. In 1942, the Japanese decided to build a railway running from Thailand to Burma (Myanmar). This bridge was the first one built by approximately 12,000 POWs and 90,000 laborers died during the construction of this bridge. The bridge and the railway on it are still in use today.

Kaeng Krachan Rope Bridge

Kaeng Krachan is the biggest national park in Thailand, located in Phetchaburi. The spot’s most recognizable feature is its rope bridge that connects to a small island in the middle of the dam that surrounds the park. For safety reasons, visitors are not allowed to cross over to certain sections of the bridge. The visiting area is indicated clearly on the bridge, so remember to follow the rules.

Asdang Bridge

If you have dreamt of a picturesque view of a white bridge with the bright blue sea and sky in the background, Asdang Bridge at Koh Sichang, Chonburi is what you are looking for. This white wooden bridge is located inside the Phra Chuthathut Palace, a royal residence of King Rama V which now operates as a museum.

First Thailand-Laos Friendship Bridge

Towering over the mighty Mekong River in northeastern Thailand is the First Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge. As the name suggests, the bridge connects Thailand with Laos through this 1,170-meter-long (3,838.5 feet) structure and is one of the two major bridges connecting these Southeast Asian countries. The other bridge is the Second Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge. The first one opened on April 8, 1994, and the second one opened in January 2007.

Bhumibol 1 and Bhumibol 2 Bridges

Bhumibol 1 and Bhumibol 2 bridges sit across the Chao Phraya River, connecting Bangkok and Samut Prakan province. The bridges are beautifully decorated with lights, giving the structures a colorful glow once the sun goes down. Between the two bridges, there is an elevated central interchange that connects the main North-South route with the western approach.

If you have a chance to visit each province on the list, do not hesitate to visit their landmark bridges too!

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