Famous Cameos in Movies by the Author.

We have loved the authors for their fascinating storytelling but some of them also came on the scene to play cameos in movies and win hearts. Here are some of the movies in which authors made a guest appearance.

Stephen King in Pet Sematary, It Chapter Two, Thinner and under The Dome

Horror novelist likes to make special appearances in adaptations of his famous works right from the 1976 adaptation of his popular work ‘Carrie’. He played a shopkeeper of an antique store in ‘It Chapter Two’, a minister in ‘Pet Sematary’ and a diner client in the Season 2 of ‘Under the Dome’.

Stan Lee in every Marvel movie

Stan Lee is a legend, comic book writer, editor, publisher, and producer and the sole reason for the success of Marvel. Stan Lee seems to love making impactful cameos in Marvel movies and is super proud of each of these appearances. Lee has appeared in roughly 22 films which include several Spider-Man movies, Fantastic Four movies, and the X-Men franchise to name some.

Frank Miller in Sin City

Frank Miller is a legendary comic book extraordinaire and is known for his graphic novel, Sin City. When Robert Rodriguez made an adaption of Sin City as a movie, Miller played a priest who is visited by Marv (Mickey Rourke) in a confessional booth. Miller again appeared in a cameo in the movie, Sin City: A Dame to Kill.

Charles Bukowski in Barfly

Bukowski is remembered as one of the greatest poets, novelists, and short story writers of all time. He is also known for his work Barfly on which a movie was made showcasing Bukowski’s alter ego Henry Chinaski acted by Mickey Rourke. Bukowski can be seen enjoying a beer when Chinaski visits a bar to meet Wanda Wilcox.

Stephenie Meyer in Twilight

Stephenie Meyerbecame famous for her popular Twilight series. In her first book’s movie adaptation, StephenieMeyer is seen playing a customer at Charlie Swan’s favorite diner; she is seen working on her laptop and having a plate of vegetables.She also appeared in 2011’s Breaking Dawn – Part 1, in which she is one of the spectators when Bella Swan becomes a vampire bride.

Salman Rushdie in Bridget Jones’s Diary

When Helen Fielding, the author of the original book asked Rushdie, “how would you like to make a fool of yourself?”, Rushdie appeared in a cameo in the film version of Bridget Jones’s Diary. He appeared as a witness to one of Jones’s many faux pas.

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