Famous children poems written by Gulzar and other veterans

You must have noticed that the poems children listen today are the same that we used to listen in our childhood. It is because young writers are no more interested in writing poems for children or they lack the talent for it. Needless to say, it is not an easy job as one has to keep track of many things.

From MahadeviVerma to Premchand, many Hindi writers have written poems for children but the art is dying now. Here are some of the evergreen poems written by the writers we all love.

Lakdi Ki Kathi

This amazing Hindi poem which we all must have listened during our childhood is written by none other than Gulzar. The man is a genius who has written all types of songs in Indian cinema. He is also an acclaimed director who has made some great films in the past including Maachis and Ijaazat. This poem is actually a song from one of his greatest movie, Masoom. It became so popular after its release that people started using it as a nursery rhyme. The song made its way into children’s book and has been recreated in many versions. It is sung by number of singers and child artists and is still an evergreen song which is used a lullaby to the kids. It has some great lines like ‘Ghodathaghamandi, pahuchasabzimandi’ which immediately brings a smile to your face.

Nani Teri Morni

There are so many memories associated with his poem. Like the above mentioned poem, this one too is a song which became so popular that people started using is a children’s poem. It is written by the great SahirLudhianvi who is widely known for writing sad songs and tragic poetries. This poem is a testimony to Sahir’s brilliant talent and his versatility as an artist. His range as a writer was amazing and the poem is still remembered for having witty yet sweet lines like ‘acchinanipyarinanirussarussichhod de’ and others. The poem is available on YouTube in many versions.

Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai 

People who are born in the 80s and 90s cannot forget the tarzan they loved in their childhood. Yes, we are talking about Mowgli who was raised in a jungle along with animals. There was sher khan and others who were his friends. When the cartoon got remade in Hindi, Gulzar was called to write the title song and the magician created another gem with his magic pen. The poem is a memorable one which is still hummed by many.

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