Famous Dogs On Instagram who You Should Follow For Entertaining Content

They drool, they snore, are fussy and hairy, and are also more popular on Instagram than you will ever be. If you thought we were talking about your ex, you are wrong — we are talking about man’s favourite four-legged companion—dogs!

From dogs who pose in front of heaping plates of snacks like a professional model to pups who love going on vacations and spending days engaging in adventure sports, trekking through mountains and surfing on a board these popular Instagram cuties prove they can win our hearts doing anything. Check out some famous dogs on Instagram who you should follow for fun and entertaining content every day.

Aspen: The Mountain Lover

This cute nugget is an adorable pup who you should follow if you love mountains and have dogs on your mind. Aspen and his human parents are residents of Colorado, and they spend considerable amounts of time camping, hiking, and canoeing — and yes, it is fine if you are jealous of Aspen’s life.

Jiffpom: The Dog Who Co-Starred with Katy Perry

Say hello to the world’s cutest pomeranian that you will ever find on Instagram. Jiffpom is one of the most followed pet dogs to exist on social media, with more than 10 million Instagram followers. He won the Guinness World Record three times and co-starred with Katy Perry in the music video of “Dark Horse.”

Doug the Pug: The Award Winner

Doug is an impressive pug. This cutie is an actor and has won the People’s Choice Award twice. He has over 3.8k followers on Instagram and is the king of pop culture — often seen posing with our favourite celebs. Doug and his owners utilize his fame for a noble cause. They run an NGO that aims to support children fighting cancer and other fatal illnesses.

Marutaro the Shiba Inu: The Smiling Dog

Marutaro from Japan’s Tokyo is a Shiba Inu, and his adorable, smiling face is responsible for making him a virtual celeb. Shinjiro Ono, Marutaro’s owner, had started uploading his photos on Instagram to spread joy and cheer up people after the ruinous tsunami and earthquake of 2011. Currently, Maru has 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

Pavlov the Corgi: The Beach Lover

Pavlov is a resident of Los Angeles, but he and his human parents often take fun trips to the West Coast — meaning you can enjoy plenty of Pavlov-on-the-beach content. And how are you going to resist that? Besides, how can you not love corgi?

If you enjoy watching funny dog videos, waste no more time — visit their Instagram accounts and hit the ‘follow’ button.


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