Famous Fairs In India You Cannot Miss

Explore the vibrancy of India’s cultures through these famous fairs!

India is the land of diversity. Different cultures from different parts of the country blend in to form a place with a rich and colorful heritage. One of the best ways to explore the vibrant cultures of India is to visit the famous fairs and festivals that go on in different parts of the country all the year round. Most of these big and important fairs of India are a part of a religious custom and pilgrimage or simply a way to present and exhibit a states culture. Here are some of the famous Indian fairs that you must experience at least once in your lifetime.

RannUtsav, Kutch, Gujarat

Kutch is the beautiful desert of white sand in Gujarat. The RannUtsav is one of the most popular and grand experiences of the place that would transform you to the land of fairy tales. It’s almost like you have taken out a page of the Arabian Nights and brought it to life. The experience is romantic, mystical and adventurous to say the least especially on a full moon night as you walk on the white salt desert. The RannUtsav is characterized by folk music, dance and beautiful artwork. You get live in white tents in the middle of the white desert and it’s a beauty your eyes will never forget.

Pushkar Fair, Pushkar, Rajasthan

The eighth lunar month of the Indian Hindu calendar is believed to be one of the holiest months. Rajasthan sees one of the biggest and the most exotic fairs of the country in the Pushkar deserts. The Pushkar fair is essentially a camel fair where about 2 million people attend to exhibit and watch at least 50,000 camels, cattle and horses. The Pushkar Fair is attended by people from across professions to have an exotic but majestic experience.

Goa Carnival, Panjim, Goa

If you want to experience a vibrant and youthful culture of India, there’s no better place than Goa. Goa is one of the favorite spots for tourists in India and the rich and vibrant culture of the place comes to life during the Goa carnival that goes on three to four days. During the carnival, the streets and lanes of Goa are colorfully decorated. Music festivals are organized in and around the place and you can indulge in some delicious Goan cuisine.

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