Famous Home Grounds of Football Clubs

In football, stadiums are treated as the home of the clubs

Since football is one of the most admired and expensive sport in the world, clubs have spared no expense to construct a stadium that is no lesser than a daydream. They have devoted millions of dollars and euros to build exquisite infrastructure, which is not just adored by the fans of the clubs but also by the tourists from various countries. In fact, football and the stadiums play a key character in generating revenues for the countries by attracting tourist.

Without further ado, let’s talk about some great football stadiums in the world.

Old Trafford 

The Old Trafford is the home ground of the English club Manchester United. Known as the Theatre of Dreams, the stadium can hold a strength of 75,000 approx. spectators. The stadium officially came to life in the year 1910.

Camp Nou

Home of the Spanish giants Barcelona, the Camp Nou, was established in the year 1957. The stadium can hold close to 98,000 spectators in a single game. However, proposals are in place to remodel the stadium by the end of 2022 that will follow an upsurge in the seating capacity.

Wembley Stadium

This stadium does not belong to any club but is the home ground of England’s national football team. The stadium was originally raised in 1927 but was bulldozed to establish a new one. The new Wembley Stadium was inaugurated in 2007 and has a capacity of 90,000. It’s a masterpiece and that’s why we made an exception by adding it to this list.

Santiago Bernabeu 

In Madrid, the stadium is the home ground of Real Madrid Football Club and the national football team of Spain. The stadium was inaugurated in 1947 but has been renovated twice in 1982 and 2001. The stadium’s seating capacity is less compared to the rival team from Barcelona. Notably, the 1982 World Cup final was played in this stadium.

The Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena of Germany is a stadium shared by teams; Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich. It is considered as the only stadium in the world that can change the outer colour. When Bayern Munich plays a match, it turns itself into red colour while the colour shifts to blue when 1860 Munich plays a game.

De Meer Stadion

Also known as the Amsterdam Arena, this stadium is the home territory of the football club Ajax and the Netherland’s national football team. The stadium was inaugurated in 1996 and has a seating capacity of approx. 54,000. The stadium hosted notable events like the 1998 Champions League Final and the 2013 Europa League Final.

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