Famous writers who wrote children’s book

It is not easy to capture the imagination of a young mind, but these famous authors managed to do so.

Childhood is considered the golden age of our life. Our imagination is diverse; we can make games, stories, visions in our head based on imagination. And for someone to make stories that could interest such an imaginative soul is surely a difficult task. That is the reason why we often find children stories writing is a different genre altogether with writers’ pro in writing such stories. But manytimes, famous writers have tried their hand in writing children’s stories, and some have been successful too. Here is the list of famous writers who wrote children’s books.

E.E Cummings

E.E Cummings is known for his famous novels, poetry, essays and plays. Apart from this, he also wrote stories especially for his daughter, Nancy. These stories were published in a collection named “Fairy tales” in the year 1965.

Ernest Hemingway

Did you know that Ernest Hemingway wrote stories named “The Good Lion” and “The Faithful Bull” for Holiday magazine in the year 1951? These stories are said to be written for Adriana Ivancich (his love interest from Venice and her nephew. The Good Lion follows the story of a lion who loves to eat Pasta and have wings. He is bullied by others because of these unique traits and eventually flies away from them.

James Joyce

James Joyce, the writer of famous “Ulysses” and “A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, was a cat person. Confused? Well, don’t be as Joyce apparently wrote two stories for his grandson named Stephen with a cat as a central character. These books were later on published as children’s books. The books “The Cat and the Devil” and “The Cats of Copenhagen” had quite an interesting storyline and gripped the minds of young readers from start to end.

Salman Rushdie

Interestingly, two years after Salman Rushdie published his critically acclaimed and controversial “The Satanic Verses”, he published a children storybook called “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”. The narration is quite whimsical and narrates the tale of storyteller who had lost his ability to tell stories. The central character Haroun, who is also Rushdie’s son, takes his father on a journey or adventure where he hopes to reignite his inspiration. The book followed the timeless theme that books are the building blocks of your own identity.

Do you know of other children’s books written by famous writers?

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