Published By: vikramsharma

Fanta Maggi and Momo Ice-Cream: Bizarre Food Items that made us Cringe

Indians have this unique habit of experimenting with various food items and giving them a desi touch. The prime example of this is momos; a native dish from Tibet and Nepal. In India, we experimented with momos so much that if a Tibetan will see them, he will wonder what exactly is this. Thanks to various food vloggers on YouTube, we got to know about many such ‘creative experiments’ which left us asking ‘why’.  

Fanta Maggi

This weird combination of Maggi and Fanta has to be at the top of the heap when it comes to food items that made us cringe.

India’s love for Maggi is unquestionable, so experimenting with it is quite unavoidable and a few innovative Maggi recipes are quite tasty also. Recently a video of a food vlogger caught the attention of many because we got to know about a roadside food vendor in Ghaziabad who invented this ‘unique’ dish we don’t even want to see. Imagine our beloved Maggi dipped in Fanta, this very thought left the netizens flabbergasted. Nothing can get can more bizarre than this.


Oreo Pakoda

We all love Oreo and it’s the perfect thing to have with evening tea or making ice-creams but even the idea of Oreapakoda is horrendous. 

Indians love pakoda and Indians love Oreo but definitely not together. In India having biscuits or snacks like pakoda with morning/ evening tea is very common but one genius street food vendor from Ahmedabad came up with this “creative experiment” of Oreo pakodas. It’s prepared like normal pakoda only but instead of onions and veggies, the Oreo biscuit is deep-fried with besan batter. Government should immediately ban such experiments which may cause mental trauma for people who love their Oreo and pakodas, separately of course.

Rasgulla Chat

Rasgulla is one of the most famous sweet dishes in India that everyone loves. But someone came up with an idea of ‘Rasgulla Chat’ and left netizens disgusted.

People who love rasgullas should sue this street vendor from Delhi who after getting an epiphany, decided to make spicy chat with rasgulla. Rasgulla is pure love for we Indians especially Bengalis and when someone tries to play around with our love; he definitely needs some serious teaching!! A food vlogger recently uploaded a video where a street vendor from Delhi prepared rasgulla chat with Rasgulla as the main ingredient topping it with yogurt, sev, dry fruits, green and tamarind chutney. It left people irked and some even complained of serious PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Maggi Milkshake

A Twitter user shared a picture of a weird combination of Maggi and milkshake. It left netizens nauseating. 

Someone shared the picture of Maggi milkshake on Twitter where there are two big glasses filled with milk, topped with Maggi with carrots and peas. After seeing the viral picture of Maggi milkshake, some people believed that the end is near and God is preparing the task list for judgment day. Many people complained of severe headaches and some decided to catch the culprit and demand life imprisonment for him. Taking a luau from the movie ‘Aparichit’, someone pointed out that there is a separate punishment for such crime in Garuda Puran.