Fascinating facts about grey hair.

Some people rock the grey hair look while others dread it; no matter what group of people you belong; we all want to know some interesting and never-heard-before facts about grey hair.

It is a day like any other day; you are getting ready to go out for coffee with your friends. Suddenly you encounter a silver or grey strand, and our first reaction would invariably be that of worry. Your reaction to grey strands is pretty common. We are taught from an early age that grey hair sighting means that you are getting old and ugly. But now the times have changed. People are rocking silver mane, and some are even getting their hair dyed grey. So, whether you embrace your greys or dye them in colourful hues, here are some of the fascinating facts about grey hair.

It is very natural to have grey hair.

You won’t get grey hair overnight. The process of hair turning grey is pretty intricate and natural. Your hair grows in a bulb-like follicle on your scalp. Interestingly, the hair in the follicle in its natural form is white. It turns dark when it comes in contact with melanin. When you start ageing, your body slows down the access of melanin to the follicle, and the result is grey hair.

Greying of hair can be hereditary.

Your DNA and genes have already determined when you would have grey hair, and frankly, there is nothing you could do to stop it. So, if you have a history of premature whitening of hair in your family, then the chances are that you would also have a grey mane.

Plucking your grey hair does not make your grey hair grow faster.

This urban myth is believed by many people, and thanks to popular media, everyone knows about it. Some people believe that plucking one hair would make multiple hairs grow in its place. Science shuns this old wives’ tale completely. As explained above, each hair has its own follicle, and they mostly mind their own business and even if you pluck them, it would hardly make any difference in their growth.

Stress can also make your hair turn grey.

Many a time, we encounter young college students with a head full of greys. If greying starts only when you grow old, then why young students are suffering? Well, there is no definite answer for this with science, but they believe that stress can be one of the most important reasons for your greying hair.

So, which one you found most interesting?

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