Fascinating facts about Jim Carrey

“Aaaaalrigggghty then!”, nobody can bring a smile to your face with this simple phrase like Jim Carrey.

Man with an elastic face. He can make you laugh out loud just with his versatile facial expression and energy. We could not stop gushing about the man from the time he gripped our attention with Ace Ventura-Pet Detective, and there was no looking back from there. His energy and eccentric impersonations made him the most bankable actor in the 90s. He widened his horizon by venturing into dramatic fare by memorable roles in movies like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Man on the Moon”. So, let us know many more fascinating facts about this versatile actor.

He sent an application to Carol Burnett for a job

He was very enterprising and ambitious as a child, and that is evident from the fact that he sent his resume to ace comedian Carol Burnett. At that time, she was one of the most popular actresses, writers, and comedians. He wrote to Carol about his expertise at comedic impressions, and he could be a part of her popular show “The Carol Burnett Show”. Sadly, he was rejected but was elated about the fact that Carol replied to him via a letter.

He was a mischievous kid

Jim Carrey was quite a mischievous kid in the school. So much sothat his teachers in seventh grade made him sit in the front of the class for 15 mins so that other kids could study. But even then, he always spared some time after his lessons to write about bits he wanted to try.

He was discovered by iconic comedian Rodney Dangerfield

His stand-up comic ambitions were thrashed when he was booed off the stage in Ontario. But he still persisted, and very shortly, he received a very positive review in the Toronto Star. It was from here that he was discovered by the legendary comedy icon, Rodney Dangerfield. He signed Jim as an opening act on his tour and even introduced him to Comedy Club Circuit in Las Vegas.

He was one of the first actors to earn twenty million

Such was his popularity that he was the first actor to earn a paycheck of twenty million in 1996 for the movie “The Cable Guy”. Despite the critic’s scepticism, the movie was a blockbuster.

So, which one of these facts surprised you the most?

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