Fascinating Facts about Legendary Writer Stephen King

The modern time’s horror master is one of the most celebrated and successful authors of modern times. Stephen King has the distinction of having a never-ending series of movie adaptations based on his work. We bring to you some of the interesting and exciting facts about this prolific writer.

 Stephen King is a native of Maine

A true Mainer, King writes a lot about Maine, the Pine tree state. He was born in Maine, grew up there and still lives there in Bangor. Interestingly, all the fictional towns that he has written about in his books are the product of his ingenuity. However, he can very well tell where these places mentioned in Castle Rock, Derry, and Jerusalem’s Lot will be if someone wants to be specific.

Stephen King bought the car that hit him once

In 1999, Stephen was hit by a van near his summer home in Maine. The accident was quite fatal and left King with multiple fractures, collapsed lung, and an incision to the head. After recovering from the accident, King and his lawyer bought the van for $1500 and announced, “Yes, we’ve got the van, and I’m going to take a sledgehammer and beat it!”

 Writing runs in the family

In the King family, Stephen is not the only writer. Tabitha King, his wife, has published many novels. Joe, the oldest son who writes under the pen name Joe Hills, is a best-selling horror writer, just like dad. Owe, the youngest of the King, has written a collection of short stories and Sleeping Beauties, which he and his dad co-wrote.

 Stephen King owns a radio station

Zone radio is a company owned by Stephen and Tabitha King. Zone Radio is responsible for the three radio channels they run in Maine. WKIT is in one of the stations that have the tagline “Stephen King’s Rock Station”. It plays classic rock.

He is a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan

Stephen King has written a story about Boston Red Sox in “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon”. He also played a cameo in the Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore movie ‘Fever Pitch’ which is about an avid Sox fan.

 Stephen has played in a band

King played rhythm guitar in ‘The Rock Bottom Remainders’, a band of successful writers. Some of the members were Amy Tan, Dave Barry, Mitch Albom, Barbara Kingsolver, Matt Groening, and Ridley Pearson. They did annual tours between 1992 to 2012.

These are some of the many remarkable things about this celebrated novelist that we love to read endlessly.

Priyadarshini Kaul

Priyadarshini Kaul Mishra has two Master’s Degrees in English Literature and History. She is actively following her passion for the language by being a content creator since many years now. Besides this, Priyadarshini is a true bookworm at heart and tries to be an avid reader despite being a full-time mother now. She is also a professionally certified baker and puts on the oven mitts every now and then.
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