Fascinating facts about our home planet, earth

Even though our home planet is about 4.5 billion years old but we humans are still finding new things about the blue planet.

How much do you know about your home planet?

Earth, the blue planet. It has fascinated mankind from the beginning. Not only is the planet our home, but it is also the place where life originated. And as far as we know, it is the only place (till now) where life thrives. Even though thanks to technological and scientific advancement we came to know a lot about our home planet but as the time passed our fascinations for the earth has increased many folds. So, how much do you know about your home planet? Here are some fascinating facts about the earth that you didn’t know.

Do you have any idea who named the earth? The truth is nobody knows.

As we know, all the other planets and celestial bodies are named after Gods of Greek or Roman mythology. Surprisingly, the term earth comes from High Germanic and Old English and is the only celestial body that is not named after any Roman or Greek God. But who named our planet earth? We are not sure. There is no historical record that can tell which person or persons named our planet earth.

An earthquake of magnitude 12 can split our home planet in half.

Experts believe that an earthquake of12 magnitudes can potentially tear our planet in half. This earthquake can be the biggest and most devastating of all the earthquakes, as theoretically, it is impossible to have an earthquake of magnitude 13. But there is no need to be alarmed as we have not yet witnessed anything above 9.5 magnitudes.

So, you think Coronavirus is the biggest calamity that could have struck us? There are million more.

Katherine J. Wu, an expert of microbiology states in National Geographic that the earth is teeming with viruses. There are more than ten nonillion individual viruses on the earth. So, how many are those? She further explains that it is enough to assign one to every star in the cosmos 100 million times over.

How many moons of earth? One? Thinkagain.

Well, if you see, technically, earth does have just one moon. But earth has two more orbitals. They are called 3753 Cruithne and 2002 AA29 which are a part of a large population of the asteroid that is called NE0s or Near-Earth Objects.

So, do you know your planet enough?

Priyadarshini Kaul

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