Fascinating workouttips from ancient civilizations

There are lots of age-old workout tips from the ancient world in case you are aiming to get in shape or lose some weight. Read on to know about these tips in detail.

For extra stamina, run through sand

This is how Greeks used to train their sprinters. In the words of a Mediterranean philosopher, Anacharsis, ‘running is not done on the hard, resistant ground but in deep sand where it is not easy to plant a foot solidly or get a grip with it since it slips away from underneath the foot’. To make training even more rigorous, the sprinters were instructed to jump over a ditch.

Never over-train

As per the Indian CarakaSaṃhitā, one of the world’s oldest medical documents, moderation is the key. While it praises the goods of physical activity, ‘excess of it causes exertion, exhaustion, consumption, thirst, bleeding from different parts of the body, cough, fever, and vomiting.’

 Use lots of body oil in the pre-workout routine

It is known that the ancient Greek sportsmen used to lather their bodies in natural oils right before exercising. As per ancient scholars, this used to tighten their skin and also kept them from getting cold. Visually, applying oil also provides their bodies with a distinctive sparkle.

Learn to control your breathing

As per Hua Tuo, ‘the human body requires exertion.’ Tuo was a Chinese medical pioneer in the 2nd and 3rd centuries who is considered at par with Hippocrates. Since he considered proper breathing to be essential for personal well-being, he devised a unique stretch known as “Tiger Pawing” to help develop the lungs and improve respiration.

Try digging if you want to get toned

Galen recommended ‘violent movement’ like digging or rope-climbing in case your goal is to build a well-defined chiseled body. Digging was also performed by athletes as a rigorous exercise mandate to spend lots of calories and get a toned body type.

Short and simple exercises go a long way

Seneca the Younger was a Roman philosopher who believed that strenuous exercise is pointless. He believed that short and simple exercises such as running, swinging weights, jumpingeither high jumping or low jumpingwill tire the body without undue delay. His focus was essentially to be efficient in exercising.

Even focusing on flexibility was given much attention in the ancient civilization as suggested by the 2000-year-old Egyptian painting depicting a citizen bending over backwardwith hands touching the ground behind.

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