Fashion Tips To Take From Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City

“I like my money where I can see it –hanging in my closet” – Carrie Bradshaw.

The ladies from HBO’s hit sitcom, Sex and the City has long been the mentors in friendship and love, but more importantly in style and fashion. One woman who has been an incredible influence that has shaped fashion through the nineties and into the present day is Carrie Bradshaw. No matter how hard the girl’s life would spiral down, she’d always be dressed right. Here are some fashion tips that Carrie Bradshaw would give you because you know, you can’t wear white and not spill on it!

Colour Yourself Bold

One thing about Carrie Bradshaw’s personal style that always made a mark was that Carrie was not the one to limit her style to the basics and neutrals. She experimented and had fun with colours. You have enough beiges and greys in your closet. So, spare yourself another one. Choose colour that feel bright and fun to you. Walk into a room and brighten every dullness out of the room with a colourful outfit.

Don’t Waste The Waist

Carrie usually went for dresses that gave definition to her waist. This made for a fitted and structured look that accentuated her style. It’s time that your accept and embrace that gorgeous waist too. Picking up outfits that accentuates and structures your waist is more flattering than the baggy ones. Granted that baggy clothes could be more comfortable and breathable, but good style demands good effort.

Layer Out Of The Box

Carrie’s style has always been a never-seen-before out and loud statement. She is known for layering up unconventional pieces of clothing, which if you first look at individually would give you a nightmare, but once on her, there could be nothing more perfect. Layer up unconventional pieces and carry the outfit with confidence. Be it wearing a pearl necklace with a tank top or a basic tee with a royal skirt, go all out and let your spontaneity do the talk.

Up Your Shoe Game

Carrie’s influence is the most powerful when it comes to footwear. We mean, the girl would have gone wrong with her outfits but never with her shoes. Carrie’s belief that the right pair of shoes can change any look could be your fashion and style game changer. Invest in good shoes and take your first step to becoming a fashion icon.

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