Fatest Indians to 100 IPL sixes

Hardik Pandya became the fastest Indian batter to hit hundred IPL sixes, leaving behind Rishabh Pant.

Hardik Pandya

In the 21st March of IPL 2022 between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Gujarat Titans, Hardik Pandya reached the milestone of becoming the fastest Indian batter to 100 IPL sixes. He achieved the feat from just 1046 deliveries to claim the record.

Rishabh Pant

Earlier, Rishabh Pant has become the fastest Indian batter to hit hundred IPL sixes as he did it in 1224 deliveries.

Pant has this amazing technique where he releases his bottom hand and hits the ball with just his top hand on the bat handle. Surprisingly, the ball still goes the distance.

Here is an interesting excerpt from a Michael Hussey interview where he stresses upon this phenomenon.

“When I switched to batting left-handed, my naturally stronger right hand became my top hand. I did it purely because I wanted to be like Allan Border. I was generally not conscious of the dominance of one hand over another except when batting at the death of a one-day or T20 game. At these times, I preferred the firm top-hand and loose bottom-hand grip to keep my shape,” Michael Hussey said in an insightful interview.

“At the end of a one-day game or a T20 game, when you’re looking to basically hit sixes every ball, I made a conscious effort to really loosen the grip of my bottom hand. So I’d basically just rest the bottom hand [on the bat] on one finger – my index finger – because I was finding that when I was looking to slog, even though my bottom left hand was my less naturally dominant hand, it was gripping the bat too hard and taking control of the bat too quickly and affecting my swing. I wasn’t hitting through the line of the ball as well as I would have liked.”

Yusuf Pathan

Yusuf Pathan played some memorable knocks for Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad over the years. Before Rishabh Pant and Hardik Pandya came into the picture, he was the most dreaded Indian big hitter in the IPL.

Pathan took 1313 balls to reach hundred sixes in the IPL.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh may have not come anywhere close to realising his potential in the IPL but he still hit some massive sixes.

Yuvraj went for big bucks throughout his playing career and even though he wasn’t able to deliver on a consistent basis, he reached hundred IPL sixes off just 1336 balls which is quite commendable.

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