Fatigue fighting hacks for powerful morning

These are easy to do and helpful rituals for a better start to the day

Mornings are rather a little too difficult to handle since the sleep is so precious during the wee hours of the day. it is in between these struggles of wanting to sleep more and to start the day that fatigue hits hard on the body. Often times in a battle with these things we end up waking up tired giving us a cranky start to the day.

This fatigue feeling right from disturbing our mood slows down our body, making the day less productive. So while you are looking for ways to give your day a positive energetic start here are some easy to do helpful ways that will wake you up happy, strong and full of energy.

First thing drink water
As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water. Keep a habit of keeping either a water bottle or a glass of water next to your bed. And once you wake up, gulp down the water. Post that drink on a glass of lemon and honey, as it will bring your body in restoration mode. Fatigue is a symptom of dehydration, and having slept throughout the night the body has had no water. So drinking water first thing supplies water to it, in turn waking up the body.

Stretch your body
So what also happens throughout the night’s sleep, is that your muscles are also in a paralyzed state which needs to be woken up. Reactivating the muscles will release energy-stimulating endorphins. Doing morning yoga for just about 25 minutes has proven to be boost energy levels and brain function. A quick walk outside or a bicycle ride spending time in nature makes one feel alive, besides a longer workout routine, any day has multiple benefits.

Or else move a little
For some people, working odd hours or early shifts, spending 25 minutes in the morning won’t be feasible, for those it is recommended to at least move around the house a little. If you have some extra time on your hand, don’t crawl back into the bed. May be doing some basic stretches upon waking up can be useful.

Get some sunshine
One can soak in some sunshine if they are out for a walk or a run in the park. But if that is not happening, go stand at a window with ample sunlight or venture out on the balcony with your glass of water or tea soaking in some sun. The natural bright sunlight increases alertness and also boosts the levels of serotonin that are known to improve alertness and boost the mood.

Eventually, go splash some cold water on your face before tea and eat a protein-filled breakfast to spark the energy levels.

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