Feelings we all experience in a new job

New job, new experience, but wait why am I having mixed feelings?

Working so hard to get a position for yourself, passing all the selections, nailing the interview, is in itself the best feeling. We’re always excited to start a new job that brings new opportunities but wait, are we really ready to be in a completely new place with new faces. Well, we all must have experienced the feelings of being in a new job. Let us recall some of them.

Being the newbie

As a newcomer, all of us must have asked random and silliest questions to our seniors. And why not? Being a newbie, you always tend to feel anxious about every task assigned to you. Rather than doing it all wrong, it’s better to clarify your doubts. You won’t be judged, you’re a newbie after all.

Feeling Left out

Not feeling part of the group is a common feeling we all at some points of time have faced. But trust me once you start making connections these feelings will not last forever. You might soon see yourself as the star of the group. Have the confidence, join meetings, and speak up when you have any ideas to share, you’ll soon find others coming to you.


That overwhelming feeling when you are the new face and everybody wants to get your introduction. You have to introduce yourself to dozens of people and get to know them in return. People would be treating you like a child who has stepped to his/her first day at school. No worries, once you get acquainted with your colleagues and work, this too shall pass!


No doubt you will be excited about your new job. You will want to take all new opportunities, not disappoint your seniors, but make sure you don’t get overexcited, or you might bring trouble for yourself. Being the perfectionist at a new job is something we all tend to achieve, but be sure you don’t end up creating a miss on the first day itself. Stay calm and just go with the flow.

Proving yourself

It’s quite natural that new places demand a good impression to be put upon the new colleagues. However, you will make mistakes as you’re completely new to the position. Do not worry about being judged, you must learn from your mistakes and that’s how will rise. Learning from mistakes is a way of creating a good impression!

Can you recall any other feelings apart from these?

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