Feng Shui for better living

An extra dose of luck to go with hard work and determination can make your easy and fruitful. 

Feng Shui is a Chinese ancient art and science used to create balance among energy forces that surrounds us. Practitioners have perfected many techniques to attract good fortune and radiant health.

Following are the Feng Shui tips to encourage the flow of positive and invigorate energy to your home.

Plant a thriving seed. These plants represent growth, and placing them in the far left corner of your home brings good fortune. Also, keep three shiny coins on the pot.

Decorate your home with wooden furniture. Woods are the symbol of nature’s potential for growth. So replacing your metal or synthetic furniture attracts positive energies and brings a huge difference to your thoughts.

Keep your front door well-lit. The main door of your house is the pathway through which optimistic vibes enters. So keep the passage clean and well lit. It will help luck find you.

Integrate sweet-smelling elements.The sweet smell of fresh flowers, aromatic candles or incense can lift your spirit and bring happiness and success to your life. According to Feng Shui, beautiful aromas are the scent of success and harmony.

Allow fresh air to enter your room. It is necessary to keep the air in your room moving. Open your windows and doors to allow the entry of fresh air from outside. Movement of air creates revitalisation of positive energies around.

Remove electronic gadgets from your bedroom. Bedrooms are supposed to be relaxing, but the emission of energies from electronic devices can disturb your sleep. Try to avoid bringing official works to your bedroom to keep that last-minute temptation away.

Add more shapes to your home. According to Feng Shui, there are five elements to create a balance in living. These elements are associated with different shape such as square to earth, triangles are fire, the rectangle represents wood, wavy is water, and the circle represents metal. By adding these shapes to your home, you will have a feeling of completeness and balance.

Take your shoes off before entering the house. According to Feng Shui, some negative energy might stick to the shoe when we walk around. By removing your shoes before entering the house, you will prevent the entry of any low-level energy along with the dirt around.

The correct arrangement of bed is necessary. Arranging your bedroom, make sure you have access to both sides of the bed, and you should be able to see the door while lying on the bed. Also, to sleep well, avoid stuffing unnecessary junks under your bedding.

Get rid of unnecessary clutters. Stuffing your house with unused goods create blocks of negative energies. Therefore you must get rid of the unnecessary stuff.

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